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Jahleel Kamara is Surging

We don’t often see entertainers like Jahleel Kamara. Actors generating steady work and boasting an impressive list of credits between the ages of four and six years old are like finding four-leaf clovers in a briar patch. We have that four-leaf clover, however, with six year old actor Jahleel Kamara. …

Byron Lee Scott Delivers via Harmony Dreamers Project

Few musical artists today boast the same expansive vision that Byron Lee Scott brings to bear with his Harmony Dreamers project. He’s sought out singers, percussionists, and bass players from all across the world to join him as a sort of world orchestra determined to offer the planet a way …

Denmark’s Vinyl Floor is Back With New Music

There are top-shelf acts out there now who have toiled for years building increasingly unassailable discographies that you just don’t hear about it. It’s a subsurface world of talent that doesn’t cut it for mainstream media for classic reasons – it isn’t readily identifiable. Profiteers in every field may have …
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Cover Song Contest from Masterpiece Sound Studios

Cover Song Contest from Masterpiece Sound Studios Detroit gives musicians a shot at a $25K grand prize, and a Detroit concert spot In Partnership with Sony Music Publishing Calling all musically talented artists! We’re looking for singers, musicians, producers, and re-mixers who are game to makeover a classic Motown Hit! …

Dark Below Unleash New Track “Tense”

Dark Below is a hard-hitting heavy rock band that brings intense energy in their music and live performances while providing rhythmic songs that people can sing along to. Formed in Columbia, MO, the band signed with Nashville based JPS Productions in 2014.  The current lineup has been together since 2016 and …
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Nick Phoenix Releases Cinematic ‘Andromeda’ Video

Nick Phoenix has released a cinematic video for the song ‘Andromeda’ from his ‘Wide World’ album.The video was shot in Pasadena, CA on the historic campus of the California Institute of Technology and various locations in the Mohave Desert. Explaining about ‘Andromeda’, Phoenix says “The song is about an astronomer who dreams of visiting the …

Cody Jasper Sings Of Unconditional Love With “Who You Are”

Austin, TX based Cody Jasper is a chameleon of Rock N’ Roll – releasing music that is themed around the way he lives and shared life experiences with his fans.  His bold choices show a daring to mix in different genres along with straight ahead Rock N’ Roll, including Blues and Outlaw Country. …
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Exclusive Interview with Designer Emily Daccarett

For designer Emily Daccarett fashion and music can not be separated. Daccarett creates an immersive world of storytelling through music, film, and fashion. Each artistic direction begins with a beat that forms a story. From the start of her brand, she has fused those worlds together, creating a symbiotic flow between the two.  …

Milanis Clark Continues to Surge

Milanis Clark is reaching for the proverbial brass ring and she’s close to grabbing it at a mere 11 years old. She’s already put in meaningful time learning her “trade” singing in local restaurants at 3 years old, taking part in school productions later on, and sharpening the talents that …

“Red Beets & Horseradish” by Little Wretches

“Rise” is an inspired way for Little Wretches to kick off their new studio album Red Beets & Horseradish. There’s definitely an elevated mood carrying this track along and lead singer Robert Andrew Wagner’s vocal dramatizes every line in Jack Erdie’s song as if he’d written it himself instead. The song’s …

“We’ll Answer the Call” EP by John McDonough

It’s to my discredit as an avid reader of history that I never knew about Joe Rantz and the United States rowing team at the 1936 Olympics. One of the most famous Games in history, Jesse Owens took home with Hitler reputedly watching from the audience and the shadow of …
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Chalice Collective’s New Track “Flame Of Truth”

Chalice Collective’s new track, “Flame Of Truth” doesn’t hold back. Featuring a whirlwind of electronic beats and sincere appreciation for deep-seeded melodies, “Flame Of Truth” burns very bright without the slightest flicker or wavering spirit. Capitalizing on lead singer (and songwriter and creative director) Sedona Swan Soulfire’s remarkable stoicism, Chalice …

Ananda Xenia Shakti Releases 5 Track EP

Ananda Xenia Shakti isn’t interested in worldly fame and treasure. These things never last. She and Love Power the Band’s interests lie elsewhere. The five-track studio EP Love Is Where You Are embraces eternal matters rather than the transitory tinsel that bedazzles the eyes and bewitches hearts. She places love above all …
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Exclusive Interview with Anika

We are chatting with Anika today! Super excited to chat with you! You have a new single out “Make Me Wanna” We are obsessed. How have fans reacted to the song? Thank you so much for talking with me! I am so happy that you like Make Me Wanna! The …

Bonnie Milne Releases 2 Compelling Singles

Bonnie Milne’s “Uncertain”, the first of her two new singles, lives up to its billing. I can’t help but admire how Milne’s keyboard playing embodies the feeling described by the song title There’s a studied tentativeness heard throughout the nearly three minute sixteen second song, but it never sounds rehearsed. …

Corey Stapleton Releases New Album

If you’ve been following the American underground in any capacity over the past five years, you know that there’s a lot of cerebral content coming into prominence at the moment. Surreal pop, postmodern trap, new wave country – it can all sound a little overwhelming to the casual listener and …
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Exclusive Interview with Erin Cosgrove

Hi Erin – thank you for talking with me today. I’m such a fan of your music and your image. When did you break into the music industry?   Awe thank you so much! It’s really rewarding to hear that I have fans! From when I can remember I’ve always been singing and writing …

Exclusive Interview with Baylee Avery

Thank you for talking with us today Baylee Avery. How has the first part of 2022 been for you? It’s been pretty decent! Thanks for asking. Since September, I had been working on a major project about the fangirl to music industry pipeline and I finally finished it the other night! So …

Exclusive Interview with Mark Vogel

We are chatting with Mark Vogel today, welcome!  Tell us how this year is kicking off for you? Any new projects?  2022 is off to the best start ever.  I’m in a 3 picture movie deal to score a trilogy of horror/comedies for WallyBird Productions.   I’m also in the midst of 3 …
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Exclusive Interview with Diane Foster

We are chatting with Diane Foster today, welcome! Tell us how 2022 is kicking off for you so far? Any new projects you are working on? We are busy at WallyBird Productions! We have two feature films and a feature documentary in post-production, two short films, education series, and a …
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Deborah Lee Fong: A Decidedly Post-Modern Performer

Quarantine and the Covid-19 pandemic needless to say has shaken everything to its very core. To a certain extent, looking at the pandemic from a pure and artistic perspective, it has forced one to shed all the superficialities and intricate layerings to go back to one’s base essentials. Base essentials …

Actor Linda Collins is Flying High, with No Signs of Stopping

Linda Collins is the definition of productivity. A decorated and accomplished actor, producer, and performer, it’s especially inspiring that she’s managed to continue being so prolific during the trying times (and repeated fears of) the ongoing, Covid-19 pandemic. Presently Ms. Collins’ accomplishments include the vehicle Three for the Road, which …

AV Super Sunshine’s “Show Business (Glamorous)”

AV Super Sunshine’s “Show Business (Glamorous)” is the latest single from one of the most creative and outside the box musical performers working today. What he accomplishes with his music and this new single is pouring old wine into new bottles with idiosyncratic flair that few others today can match. …
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Isibella Karnstein “The Hourglass with Isibella”

Isibella Karnstein is known worldwide as the founder of The Chateau – Cat Girl Magazine. is the first ever online magazine dedicated to catgirls and the kittenplay lifestyle. It was founded by our Chateau Madam Isibella Karnstein.  Isibella’s latest venture is the amazing new podcast “The Hourglass with Isibella” available on Spotify.  The …

Elizabeth Sombart Presents 21 New Works via “Singing the Nocturnes”

When you’re able to control a melodic narrative with the kind precision that Elizabeth Sombart presents in her new album Singing the Nocturnes, the need for lyricism of any kind becomes incredibly reduced. Hence, when Sombart takes on the complicated foundations of Chopin in Singing the Nocturnes, the absence of linguistics feels …
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“Sweetest of Melody” by Rina Chanel

Love is in the air and what better avenue to glide through the robust, Rubenesque clouds than with Virginia’s new song siren, Rina Chanel. Her new track, “Sweetest of Melody” is caked high with dazzling vocals, a companion vocalist and musical vibes that will have you dancing into the evening …
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