A Teacher and Healer Unveils How Past Hardship Can Be

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Elevating Your Origins to Love by Susan Drury

How many times do we feel like something triggers us? When some feeling or trauma from our childhood that still lingers within us bubbles to the surface and makes us feel like that child we once were. We can then react “bigger” than the present situation warrants. We continue to be impacted by things from our past long into adulthood. But what do we do about it?

In Elevating Your Origins to Love (Hybrid Global Publishing) by Susan Drury, the reader is taken on a journey of transformation and healing, as you are encouraged to use the challenges of life as opportunities to change, find your power and work your way toward love. Part memoir, part spiritual journey and part roadmap complete with guided meditation exercises, this book serves as an invaluable tool to healing.

We got a chance to talk with Drury on what motivated her to write her guide to self-empowerment.

Q: What first inspired you to write Elevating Your Origins to Love?

A: The book grew out of working with parents who had a traumatic birth with a child and even years later, still felt something had gone wrong in the birthing process. This lingering story of an early “wrong” was often the root of current-day difficulties within the family. Once they were able to go back and experience the birth through a kinder, more expansive state, all sorts of things shifted for the better. Recognizing that many of us have negative stories around our own earliest years broadened the premise of “righting” a past experience that we still held as a “wrong,” thus beginning the book’s gestational journey.

Q: Throughout the book, you detail how events of our early childhoods — as well as those of our parents and grandparents — have an impact on our current selves. What interested you about this field of research?

A: I have always worked within healing paradigms that recognized how overwhelmingly difficult experiences can stay ‘stuck’ within our body/minds, continuing to negatively influence us in all sorts of ways. This can even include traumatic experiences from previous generations (think epigenetics, but psychological as well as biological), and passed along the family line. While we may never know what or where the original traumas originated, by becoming conscious of current unhelpful patterns we continue to automatically repeat in our lives, we can finally access ways to breakdown, digest and render harmless those previously hidden influences and free ourselves of their negative effects.

Q: You describe yourself as a sort of evolutionary midwife. What do you hope to aid your readers in bringing into the world?

A: Haha, evolutionary or transformational midwife is the term I keep coming back to, as this book and the work I do with people supports them into “birthing” whatever new understanding or place of greater freedom they are ready to bring forward in their lives. All of us are on our unique journeys and there is never a ‘one size fits all’ way to go about it. Providing the space for the reader to bring forward, experience and own their most elevated, empowering transformation in this moment is the goal for this book.

Q: The book can be described as “part memoir, part spiritual journey and part roadmap complete with guided meditation exercises.” How did you go about crafting these three aspects of the book, creating a multilayered experience that helps the reader work through their past?

A: To say it “just sort of happened that way” sounds trite but truly, it did just sort of happen that way. All the healing and transformational modalities I have studied and used for many years now (both for my own continuing expansion, as well as in supporting others) naturally became woven through the book, as we explore the process of becoming human. So whether the reader relates more to personal stories, states of expanded consciousness or literal understanding of our physiological/neurological development, these aspects offer different access points to meet them wherever they are right now in their on-going hero’s journey.

Q: The book includes your own life stories that readers can extrapolate lessons from. What was it like recalling these personal events? Did you find yourself making further discoveries of your own self?

A: Oh my, yes. Before writing the book, I hadn’t taken many of those experiences that became the catalyst for some of my own awakenings, and transcribed them into written language. Crafting words to describe kinesthetic, experiential processes and how to access them required me to become even clearer about every aspect.  Writing actually made them more tangible, but also more wondrous, filling in any lingering gaps within my body/mind system that hadn’t been fully connected. The writing seemed to be a final step in my full integration, and opened the way for even deeper insights — for which I am most grateful.

Q: What do you hope readers will take away from your book?

A: That each of us comes into the world ready and willing to experience the whole gamut of life, as necessary fuel for our unique hero’s journey. The human design model guarantees children will automatically experience a certain amount of challenge, pain and limitation — so in a way, we don’t need to take our personal stories so personally. Within even the worst of circumstances lies the potential for inspiring evolution and growth. I hope that each reader will find new possibilities arising from their own history, and discover that within what may still feel painful or limiting, a more loving truth can be found.

Susan Drury has spent the past thirty-plus years consciously discovering that nothing is beyond healing; life is continually offering multiple possibilities for transformation. With a background in cranial sacral therapy, shamanic healing and professional certification in homeopathy, the Present Child Method, and Transference Healing, all supported through a deep meditation practice and study of the Tao te Ching, Susan serves as a transformational teacher, healer and writer. She lives in Vancouver, BC with her husband of thirty-six years, close to her three grown daughters and two grandchildren.

Elevating Your Origins to Love by Susan Drury

Publish Date: January 24, 2023

Genre: Nonfiction

Author: Susan Drury

Page Count: 274 pages

Publisher: Hybrid Global Publishing

ISBN: 9781957013336

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