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I Scrolled Through Pages of Dresses on ASOS—These Are My

ASOS is known for its vast selection of clothing. At any one time, there can be thousands of items available to purchase on its site. And because of this, trawling through the retailer’s extensive selection can feel a little overwhelming. I know my choice paralysis runs rampant when I’m scrolling …

From Runway to Reality—6 Ways I’m Styling This Season’s Modest

As a modest dresser, I’m grateful that designers are incorporating items in their collections that can seamlessly blend into my everyday wardrobe. For a large part of my life, I spent extra time sewing up slits on dresses, going up in sizes to get a looser fit, and resorting to ordering modest clothing from questionable international sites. …

Issey Miyake Was One of a Kind

Issey Miyake and models at the Ready To Wear Fall 1993 Show in Paris. Photography courtesy of Getty Images “He seemed determined to find beauty wherever he looked.” By Bernadette Morra Date August 9, 2022 Issey Miyake, who died last week in Tokyo at the age of 84, was without …

The 13 Best Skincare Fridges We Found on Amazon

What is the benefit of using a skincare fridge? Applying cold skin care products not only feels good, they also temporarily tone the skin. Aguilera says applying a chilled face cream, eye cream and face mask constricts blood vessels, reduces redness and helps temporarily tighten pores. “Cold also has a …

Babydoll Dresses to Wear This Summer

Cecilie Bahnsen SS22. Photography courtesy of Imaxtree And where you can shop for your own. By Jillian Morgan Date August 9, 2022 Babydoll dresses are like Popsicles. Sure, you can get through summer without them, but it wouldn’t be as sweet. Bouncy and delicate, there’s a reason the style has …

These Photographers Are Helping Black Youth Love the Skin They’re

PHOTOGRAPHY BY KAHRAN AND REGIS BETHENCOURT, CREATIVESOUL PHOTOGRAPHY Welcome to Texture Talk, a column that celebrates and deep dives into the dynamic world of curly hair, from crowns of curls that are free flowing to strands that are tucked away in a protective style. By Natasha Boateng Date August 11, …

The Best Advent Calendars for Beauty Fanatics

Thomas BarwickGetty Images It may not feel like it right now, but the holidays are just around the corner. Basically, it’s time to get into the gift giving mindset. And when it comes to gifts, there is nothing better than something that just keeps on giving, like an advent calendar. …

28 Zara Pieces That Could Fool Anyone Into Thinking They’re

Does anyone else see their online Zara basket as an extension of their daily social media scroll? Usually, I check Instagram, find myself in a TikTok hole and then head to Zara to dive into the “new in” section and fill up my basket. And much like the other apps, I …

The 16 Best Aluminum-Free Deodorants That Actually Work

Ferda DemirGetty Images Is there anything worse than leaving the house, going about your activities, and then realizing that you forgot to apply deodorant? Now for the rest of the day, you have to clamp your arms down by your side in case your body odor reaches any poor, unsuspecting …

The “Naked” Dress Trend I’m Actually Buying Into This Summer

Ever since the cut-out dress revival in the spring and summer of 2020, skin-bearing dresses have become the most coveted statement piece of the summer. The trend dates back to the ’60s, when Diana Rigg donned the infamous cut-out jumpsuit in The Avengers. It then funnelled into the ’90s as …

Margot Robbie Ditches Barbie Pink For a Black Cutout Cape

Setting aside her neon “Barbie” wardrobe for the “Amsterdam” premiere, Margot Robbie made a stylish red carpet appearance in London on Sept. 21. Joined by director David O. Russell and her fellow castmates — including Christian Bale, Rami Malek, and Andrea Riseborough — the actress arrived in a black cutout …

Why Are Clothing Options So Limited For Tall Women?

Photography by Getty Images “Is this a dress or a top?” By Annika Lautens Date August 11, 2022 Let me clarify: At 5’11”, I know I’m tall. You know I’m tall. So I don’t need you to tell me I’m tall. It doesn’t matter whether I’m meeting a Bumble date …

Sara Camposarcone’s Chaotic Closet

PHOTOGRAPHY BY LAWRENCE CORTEZ With the help of her collection of novelty tights. By Annika Lautens Date August 12, 2022 Call it childish, but Sara Camposarcone is dressing for her younger self. Hence her collection of 40+ novelty tights — the cherries on the top of an eclectic sartorial sundae …

Famous Kids Are Not Okay

“iCarly” co-stars Miranda Gosgrove, Jennette McCurdy, Jerry Trainor, Nathan Kress, Noah Munck and creator Dan Schneider at Nickelodeon Studios, 2012. Photography courtesy of Getty Images For most of my childhood, I wanted to be just like the actors I saw on TV. But in her new memoir, former child star …

9 Low-Rise Jeans Your Wardrobe Deserves

As POPSUGAR editors, we independently select and write about stuff we love and think you’ll like too. If you buy a product we have recommended, we may receive affiliate commission, which in turn supports our work. Thanks to TikTok and celebrities like Hailey Bieber, low-rise jeans have returned. And while …

Megan Thee Stallion’s Sherbet-Colored Catsuit Has Cutouts For Days

As POPSUGAR editors, we independently select and write about stuff we love and think you’ll like too. If you buy a product we have recommended, we may receive affiliate commission, which in turn supports our work. Megan Thee Stallion has showcased quite an impressive lineup of catsuits and coords since …

J Lo Enjoys Her Second Honeymoon in a Plunging Crochet

As POPSUGAR editors, we independently select and write about stuff we love and think you’ll like too. If you buy a product we have recommended, we may receive affiliate commission, which in turn supports our work. Jennifer Lopez is exhibiting her signature bohemian style while on her second honeymoon in …
Fashion Movies

Jahleel Kamara is Surging

We don’t often see entertainers like Jahleel Kamara. Actors generating steady work and boasting an impressive list of credits between the ages of four and six years old are like finding four-leaf clovers in a briar patch. We have that four-leaf clover, however, with six year old actor Jahleel Kamara. …

Welcome To A New Kind Of Driving Experience

Is the greatest luxury of our time room, space, or simply time to unwind? These days, we often find ourselves rushing through life. Small cities are turning into giant metropolises, roads are overcrowded and the distances we need to cover—as well as the time it takes to reach them—are getting …

Megan Fox Matched a Lavender Bra Top to Her New

Megan Fox serves up some fierce style moments in two new promotional images for her upcoming thriller film “Johnny & Clyde,” a spinoff on the storyline of the infamous couple Bonnie and Clyde. In one of the images, the 36-year-old actress (who’s cosplaying a crime boss named Alana Hart), is …

The 5 Sneakers Trends That Have Taken Over This Year

The first point, then, is to avoid pastel trainers if you want to look fashion-forward. I also wanted to know if the chunky sneaker is finally, officially dead. While Finlay says it depends on which pair, she did point out that items such as the Fila Disruptor or Balenciaga Triple S …

Long Live Bermuda Shorts

Bella Hadid. Photography courtesy of Getty Images Shelve your hot pants. It’s big shorts season. By Natalie Michie Date August 12, 2022 Don’t get me wrong: I’m all for micro-mini shorts. But the fact is, sometimes I simply don’t want to be perceived. And when it’s hot out, finding breezy …

Summer Fridays Releases A Skin Tint

Photography courtesy of Summer Fridays Plus a surprising 3-in-1 product from Nuxe hits shelves. By Sarah Mariotti Date August 13, 2022 Summer Fridays is here for your no makeup makeup look Photography courtesy of Summer Fridays While you’re soaking up the last few weeks of the season, Summer Fridays has …

Jennifer Lopez Drops a Tasteful Nude Photo for Her 53rd

Jennifer Lopez bared it all for her 53rd birthday—and to announce the release of JLo Body in addition to her skincare line. The singer shared a photo of herself tastefully nude while discussing the new line in her caption. “We give all this care and attention to the skin on …

I Tried Jenny Bird’s Bestselling Gold Jewelry Pieces, and They’re

I don’t feel that an outfit is complete without jewelry. You should see my vanity — it’s full of everything from statement pieces to simple stackables. When I had the opportunity to test out Jenny Bird‘s bestselling designs, I jumped at the opportunity. The brand is known for crafting elevated …

I’m an Editor—Here’s How I Wear Jeans on a Night

I really don’t want to think about the effort I’d have to put into getting dressed if it weren’t for jeans. They’re the piece I grab when I’m in a hurry, when my friends and I decide to meet up last minute or I when just don’t have the mental …

Here’s Why Apple Cider Vinegar Is the Ingredient Your Hair

We’re all curious to know what goes into our beauty products these days (#cleanbeauty is everywhere), so it’s always appreciated when their ingredients are au natural and recognizable. Apple cider vinegar is one of those familiar, powerhouse ingredients that’s been gaining traction in the world of hair care for its …

Hailey Bieber Models a Sheer Lace Bodysuit on Instagram

As POPSUGAR editors, we independently select and write about stuff we love and think you’ll like too. If you buy a product we have recommended, we may receive affiliate commission, which in turn supports our work. Hailey Bieber’s lingerie collection is totally envy inducing. The model has been promoting a …

Gabrielle Union Makes the Ocean Her Runway on a Romantic

As POPSUGAR editors, we independently select and write about stuff we love and think you’ll like too. If you buy a product we have recommended, we may receive affiliate commission, which in turn supports our work. Gabrielle Union let her outfits do the talking during a week-long getaway to Spain. …

Selena Gomez Wore a Sequined Feathered Dress for Her 30th

Selena Gomez celebrated her 30th birthday over the weekend with a big party, just like she teased in her June interview with The Hollywood Reporter. Partygoer TJ shared a photo of Gomez posing at the fête and revealed her glitzy birthday girl outfit. The singer wore a sleeveless cream sequined …
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