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Dark Glasses: El regreso de Dario Argento llega el 13

Una de las películas de terror que no podemos esperar a ver este año es Dark Glasses (Black Glasses), de Dario Argento. El film del astro del género ya tiene una fecha de estreno, el 13 de octubre en la plataforma Shudder, que últimamente se está llevando algunas de las …

‘The Ring’ Comes to Blu-Ray Steelbook Complete With VHS Slipcase

Co-creator and showrunner of Tales of the Walking Dead, Channing Powell has some big ideas for characters of yesterday. During the 6-episode anthology run, Powell has brought back Samantha Morton’s Alpha in order to tell more of her story. The other five-anthology tales are made up of new characters and …

‘Amityville Thanksgiving’ Trailer: This November, Prepare to Get Stuffed

Gobble, gobbble, mother clucker. Something’s rotten in Amityville and it’s been rotten for quite some time. Since the release of The Amityville Horror in 1979, the horror world has been obsessed with the potential of Amityville. That’s why we’ve seen films like Amityville 1992: It’s About Time, Amityville Toybox, and …

‘Low Life’ Trailer: How To Catch, and Become, A Predator

How far would you go to take someone down? In the words of Spider-Man‘s Uncle Ben, “with great power comes great responsibility”. And this couldn’t apply more to using the internet, whether to tweet a stupid meme or taking down an abuser. Tyler Michael James‘ upcoming digital thriller Low Life …

It Begins! Shudder Unveils Massive Slate of Horror Movies To

Shudder kicks off its annual 61-day Halloween event beginning Thursday, September 1. Shudder is the leading streamer for thrills and frights year-round. But the service goes above and beyond every September and October, this year presenting an unprecedented lineup of 11 acclaimed, must-see new films and new original series, along with …

‘Margaux’ Trailer Traps Guests in a Killer Smart Home

Like it or not the critic aggregate site Rotten Tomatoes is the place where films come to live or slowly die. Professional critics are the voice of opinion and that can sometimes be a weapon so mighty it can kill the biggest of dreams unintentionally. Still, there are user reviews …

Could ‘Prey’ Be the Beginning and the End For the

‘Prey’ could end the series on a high note. But its success could hurt the franchise over time. Prey has been an undeniable smash hit on streaming for Hulu. Dan Trachtenberg’s prequel has reinvigorated the Predator franchise by going back to basics and staying out of theaters. According to Hulu, …

Ravens Hollow

Shudder se adentra en la temporada de Halloween con un puñado de nuevas películas originales, una de las cuales es Ravens Hollow, una historia de terror sobre un joven Edgar Allan Poe. La película se va a estrenar el 22 de septiembre en la plataforma digital centrada en el terror. …

DAY SHIFT (2022)

DAY SHIFT – Genero: Acción – Comedia – Suspenso País: USA Duración: 113 minutos Director: J.J. Perry Guión: Shay Hatten, Tyler Tice. Historia: Tyler Tice Reparto: Jamie Foxx, Dave Franco, Snoop Dogg, Natasha Liu Bordizzo, Meagan Good, Karla Souza, Steve Howey, Scott Adkins, Peter Stormare, Eric Lange, Oliver Masucci, C.S. …

The Dead and the Damned 2 now available on DVD

The Dead and the Damned 2 from director Rene Perez is now available on DVD from Bayview Entertainment. The Dead and the Damned 2 (aka The Dead the Damned and the Darkness) stars Richard Tyson (Battlefield Earth), Raven Lexy (Sleeping Beauty), and John J. Welsh (Alien Showdown). Savage land where …

They/Them (2022)

They/Them – Genero: Terror Pais: USA Duración: 90 minutos Director: John Logan Guion: John Logan Reparto: Theo Germaine, Kevin Bacon, Carrie Preston, Anna Chlumsky, Hayley Griffith, Boone Platt, Jack Caron, Sofia Riba, Noelle Cameron, Quei Tann, Anna Lore, Mark Ashworth, Monique Kim, Austin Crute, Cooper Koch, Bailey MB, Darwin del …

CARTER (2022)

CARTER – Genero: Accion – Thriller Pais: USA Duración: 90 minutos Director: Jung Byung-gil Guion: Byeong-sik Jung, Jung Byung-gil Reparto: Won Joo, Lee Sung-jae, Jeong Sori, Kim Bo-MinVALORACION: – RESEÑA: Dos meses después de una pandemia mortal originada en la zona desmilitarizada que ha devastado a los Estados Unidos y …

5 Horror Movies Recommended By Stephen King You Can Watch

How many have you seen? There are two important aspects to a horror movie recommendation I like to keep in mind. The first is its source. I want to have trust in the person offering the recommendation, or what is the point? Be that a good friend, or someone who …

Resurrection (2022)

Resurrection – Genero: Thriller – Suspenso Pais: USA Duración: 103 minutos Director: Andrew Semans Guion: Andrew Semans Reparto: Rebecca Hall, Tim Roth, Angela Wong Carbone, Josh Drennen, Rosemary Howard, Winsome Brown, Jaime Zevallos, Michael Esper, Grace Kaufman, Patrick Klein, Colin Bradley LewisVALORACION: – RESEÑA: La vida de Margaret está en …

Wallen’s ‘Ash and Bones’ lands a perfect end to their

Short Synopsis: A troubled teenager is taken to the peace and quiet of the country side by her father and step mother in an effort to calm down her wild streak. But after she crosses the infamous McKinley family, it becomes clear that sometimes danger lies hidden in the weeds, …

‘Prey’ Scores Number 1 Watched Premiere on Hulu in Both

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New ‘Ouija Shark 2’ Trailer Summons More Prestige Aquatic Mayhem

Splish, splash you’re dead! Remember back in 2020 when Ouija Shark was first summoned into our lives? Seems so far away now, doesn’t it? Don’t worry, because there’s going to be more ghost fish action with the forthcoming release of Ouija Shark 2! The brand new trailer for the hotly (?) anticipated sequel …

Gone in the Night

Gone in the Night – Genero: Thriller – Suspenso País: USA Duración: 90 minutos Director: Eli Horowitz Guión: Matthew Derby, Eli Horowitz Reparto: Winona Ryder, Dermot Mulroney, John Gallagher Jr., Owen Teague, Brianne Tju, Alain Uy, Dustin Ingram, Sedrick Cabrera, David B. SchivelyVALORACION: – RESEÑA: Al llegar a una remota …

Daryl Dixon is Getting His Own ‘Walking Dead’ Spin-Off That

We have been dying to see Tim Burton’s Addams Family spin-off, Wednesday. The series will focus totally on Wednesday and her own adventures. But it doesn’t mean that we won’t be meeting our new full family either. We can’t wait to see Luis Guzman as Gomez. Today, Jenny Ortega took …


Feral – Genero: Thriller – Terror Pais: USA Duracion: 90 minutos Director: Mark Young Guion: Adam Frazier, Mark Young Reparto: Scout Taylor-Compton,  Olivia Luccardi,  Lew Temple,  Renee Olstead,  Brock Kelly, Landry Allbright,  George Finn,  Samantha GangalVALORACION: (71/100) RESEÑA: Tu mejor amiga acaba de ser infectada con un virus horripilante que pronto la …

Amazon Prime’s ‘My Best Friend’s Exorcism’ Has Given Us Our

Grady Hendrix’s popular novel, My Best Friend’s Exorcism has been adapted for television over at Amazon Prime. The novel takes place in the 1980s and is backlit by that neon-lit, mall-filled world. Everything from the music to the personalities is 100 percent the 1980s. The synopsis for My Best Friend’s …

‘Terrifier Book Two’ – A GRUESOME & SUSPENSEFUL Graphic Novel

Terrifier Book Two is a gruesome and suspenseful graphic novel, and I enjoyed every page! There is something special about holding a tangible book with spectacular artwork versus viewing it digitally. I had the privilege of viewing this book both ways, each providing me with a different experience. Terrifier Book …

Inherit The Witch

Inherit The Witch is a new horror movie currently filming in New Forest, Southern England. This film is being directed by Cradeaux Alexander and produced by Rohan Quine from Luxe Films Ltd. Careful what you wish for… A family gathers at their father’s funeral, only to find their inheritance is …

Official Trailer: Stripped, Now Available on DVD from Bayview Entertainment

Horror/Thriller, STRIPPED arrives on July 12, 2022 from Bayview Entertainment. Synopsis:To celebrate a 21st birthday, four friends embark on a road trip to Vegas — anticipating debauchery and memories that will last a lifetime — Cameron records the entire raucous excursion. But the party abruptly ends when they discover the …
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