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Exclusive Interview with Designer Emily Daccarett

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For designer Emily Daccarett fashion and music can not be separated. Daccarett creates an immersive world of storytelling through music, film, and fashion. Each artistic direction begins with a beat that forms a story. From the start of her brand, she has fused those worlds together, creating a symbiotic flow between the two. 

What stands out to you as being the piece of music that has changed the game for the industry? 

I think what Jimi Hendrix did with feedback and distortion on his guitar to build  sounds the world had never heard before completely changed the game for the  industry. Today it’s common practice and we don’t even think twice but what he achieved birthed a whole new way of making music. During the recording of  Electric Ladyland, sound engineer, Eddie Kramer experimented with “new” studio  techniques like backmasking, chorus effect, echo, and flanging, something that  anyone with Garage Band to Pro Tools can create from the most advanced  engineer to someone starting out on their own today.

You are a game changer yourself… how do you want to change the game with  YOUR music? 

Thank you so much! I guess the best way to describe it is by keeping true to  myself, I write music as I write stories. Sometimes, most of the time, those  stories or ideas fall onto my lap, and I just try to give them shape! Staying  authentic to what inspires me, I feel keeps me from dating my work.  

How are you putting together your next project? 

I’ve been working on building and expanding the world that I created with my  newest album, Yours Always, and having it spill into my fashion brand. I’m  incorporating themes from the album into the new collection. I’ve also been  teasing my new leather handbag collection which will be dropping this year! It  feels so special having these two projects released at the same time!  

Who are you collaborating with? 

I’m collaborating with a dear friend Saun Santipreecha right now on a new song  following the release of my album, Yours Always.  

Who are you giving credit to when it comes to how this upcoming music is being  made? 

Everyone involved with this album played a big role! We combined our talents  and trusted each other to see it to the finish! 

Biggest lesson so far this year that you are taking into this summer?! 

Life is too short to not enjoy the quiet moments. It’s ok to take time off and just  relax.  

What is something EPIC you’re doing this summer to contribute to your art? 

This summer I’ll be releasing some special merch with my new album release! It  will bring a tangible element to my concept album! 

You are just EPIC! Give us everything we need to keep up! 

Awww thank you!! You can keep up with me on my socials!  





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