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21 Fans Who Can’t Stop Thirsting Over Oscar Isaac’s Ridiculously

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Oscar Isaac’s beard has entered the chat.

Can we take a second to appreciate the greatness that’s Oscar Isaac‘s beard? Because in case you haven’t heard, it’s straight-up majestic.

Chiabella James / © Warner Bros. / Courtesy Everett Collection

TBH, I’m admiring the beard just as much as Josh Brolin is in the above moment.

Dune fans have been thirsting hard over the actor’s pretty much perfect facial hair, and who can honestly blame them?

We’ve rounded up the funniest tweets spotlighting Oscar’s now fan-favorite beard. Check them out below:


Disney / Warner Bros. / Twitter: @reyskywalkvr


Bad news y’all: me and Oscar Isaac’s beard are running away together. See you all again never.

07:55 PM – 22 Oct 2021

Twitter: @jo_leitch


Warner Bros. / courtesy Everett Collection / Warner Bros. / Twitter: @hrhenneke


twitter: “dune is about the fact that i have read this book” tiktok: “dune is about oscar isaac’s beard”

05:50 PM – 25 Oct 2021

Twitter: @jen_rice_


There’s no telling where Oscar Isaac’s beard goes from here. Incredible potential. Ground’s the limit.

09:19 PM – 27 Oct 2021

Twitter: @SethAMandel


Warner Bros. / @mariesackler / Via mariesackler.tumblr.com


@captaindelafere / Via captaindelafere.tumblr.com


Not sure where I land on #Dune, but I can’t seem to get the film out of my head. Nor Oscar Isaac’s beard.

09:37 PM – 23 Oct 2021

Warner Bros. / Twitter: @MarkLikesMovies


Warner Bros. / @pattinsonsupremacy / Via pattinsonsupremacy.tumblr.com


Oscar Isaac with a beard is like hot chocolate and a good book during a rainy day. I will not elaborate.

02:08 AM – 26 Oct 2021

Twitter: @raetheforce


when oscar isaac appeared on the big ass imax screen yesterday with his FULL on beard that sight had me like this i cannot lie

11:08 PM – 20 Oct 2021

Warner Bros. / Twitter: @atreidespauI


@softiewritess / Via softiewritess.tumblr.com


Warner Bros. / Twitter: @DrPsyBuffy


Not me opening my phone in front of the pharmacist and the last page being my search of “Oscar Isaac beard.”

10:06 PM – 24 Oct 2021

Twitter: @rygrrr


@writefightandflightclub / Via writefightandflightclub.tumblr.com


Warner Bros. / Twitter: @GuvNuhh

Has Oscar’s beard lived up to the hype for you? Let us know your thoughts in the comments!

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