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35 Of The Best “Bachelor” Tweets From Last Night’s Episode

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Gabby’s facial expressions are the best part of this season, tbh.

All you need to know about how this season is going for me is that it’s Week 7 and I still accidentally call Clayton…Colton. Sorry, ABC — but this is your fault!!!

Anyway, the only thing better than the show are the tweets, so here are some of the best from last night:


They look like twin brothers about to pitch a questionable business on shark tank. #TheBachelor

01:29 AM – 22 Feb 2022

Twitter: @mediumadult_ / ABC


“It’s not fair that some women are getting two one on ones and some haven’t had any” #TheBachelor

01:05 AM – 22 Feb 2022

Twitter: @TheBachBabes / New Line Cinema/Everett


Clayton: Thanks for sharing your trauma with me here’s the centerpiece from a Midwest wedding #TheBachelor

01:16 AM – 22 Feb 2022

Twitter: @BachChatSesh


So the interns put some twinkle lights in a jar and Serene says it’s one of the nicest things anyone’s ever done for her? #TheBachelor

01:19 AM – 22 Feb 2022

Twitter: @TheBachBabes


The last four Bach nation casts watching these women go from Croatia to Vienna when all they got was their versions of La Quinta #TheBachelor

01:38 AM – 22 Feb 2022

Twitter: @BrettSVergara


Josh Vertucci via Getty Images, ABC / Twitter: @Helen_Saeian


Walt Disney Pictures, ABC / Twitter: @dscapp


When one girl gets to go shopping and the rest of you have ABC mandated therapy #TheBachelor

02:01 AM – 22 Feb 2022

Twitter: @myemtv


if there’s one thing i know that girls like to do on a date, it’s go to surprise therapy #thebachelor

02:02 AM – 22 Feb 2022

Twitter: @sad_oat


Feel like these ladies need another therapy session to unpack and process being ambushed by couples therapy #TheBachelor

02:05 AM – 22 Feb 2022

Twitter: @BrettSVergara


“Why are you nervous?” “I haven’t spent >20 minutes alone with this man and now I’m going to get psychoanalyzed in front of him” #bachelor #thebachelor

02:05 AM – 22 Feb 2022

Twitter: @steal_ya_4_asec / ABC


she can’t tear those walls down because she literally just met you and that counselor #TheBachelor

02:08 AM – 22 Feb 2022

Twitter: @varaem


Clayton: calls Genevieve an actress, doesn’t give her a 1-on-1, puts her on a 2-on-1, spends almost no time with her. Also Clayton on this therapy: “so why can’t you open up to me?” #thebachelor

02:13 AM – 22 Feb 2022

Twitter: @LylaMarieSimon


Twitter: @kprestagee / Pixar


Let’s get Gabby and Justin on a date. They could have a whole darn conversation without speaking a word #TheBachelor

02:20 AM – 22 Feb 2022

Twitter: @jodiwatchesbach / ABC


Twitter: @Mol_a_Frol / ABC


I didn’t think anything was worse than the hoodie & blazer combo…until I witnessed the quarter zip & blazer…🥴 #thebachelor #TheBachelorABC

02:48 AM – 22 Feb 2022

twitter.com / APsomaras/status/1495953725495681026?s=20&t=XwiMZehfUIuEnwvrBhbwPw / ABC


Twitter: @bgrassl15 / ABC


Twitter: @sad_oat

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