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Good Morning Affair! Amy Robach & T

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Back to the most shocking daytime TV story of late!

As you know by now, Good Morning America co-anchors T.J. Holmes and Amy Robach left just about the entire country stunned on Wednesday when DailyMail.com revealed they’ve reportedly been having a secret affair for months! Even though they’ve both respectively been married for 12 years!!!

Well, now lots more tea is being spilled about the unexpected new couple, and it sounds like some of our suspicions were spot on!

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As we reported, DM released a series of videos and photos taken over the last few weeks of the TV reporters getting cozy at a bar, hanging out on the streets of NYC, and spending time together after a workout. There were also some less innocent encounters, like a pic of them holding hands when they thought no one was watching and a snapshot of T.J. giving Amy’s booty a playful pat as he walked by her during a getaway two weeks ago. Yup, they were pretty much caught red-handed!

And now fingers are pointing to their time training for the New York City Half Marathon together. Last spring, the pair spent loads of time together prepping for the big race — and it turns out those hot and sweaty meetups finally convinced them it was time to break out of their friend zone! You know, despite their other relationships…

According to a Page Six source on Wednesday, the pair’s romance began in March around the time they were training for the running race. While the pair reportedly left their respective spouses in August (T.J.’s lawyer wife Marilee Fiebig and Amy’s actor hubby Andrew Shue, AKA Billy from Melrose Place), they were spotted “canoodling” in bars near ABC News way back in May! That’s several months before they each reportedly called it quits with their significant others!

According to one staffer, the GMA 3 anchors have gone to extreme lengths to hide their affair from their colleagues (because, duh, they’re married!). The insider revealed:

“They have a very cozy relationship on air, but that is what is expected. But they were very careful behind the scenes to keep their affair secret. The producers at GMA are shocked to hear they are having an affair.”

Oof. So they’ve been sneaking around everyone’s backs all this time? Not the best look!

But here’s the deal: not everyone has the same story, and some want us to believe this rumored affair wasn’t actually an affair at all! While many sources claim the pair have been engaged in a months-long secret fling, others claim the couple didn’t get together until after they split from their spouses in August.

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Speaking to People on Thursday, one source insisted there was no overlap between the GMA star’s romance and their marriages, saying:

“This was two consenting adults who were each separated. They both broke up with their spouses in August within weeks of each other. The relationship didn’t start until after that.”

And yet they both called off years-long relationships — during which T.J. welcomed a daughter with his wife — at the SAME time. That cannot be a coincidence, right?! Despite our speculation, the source continued to defend Amy, adding:

“She’s got nothing to hide. They were both separated so they felt very comfortable dating in the open after that. Their spouses had moved out, even! So they were not hiding anything.”

Before both reporters deleted their Instagram accounts, fans reportedly did notice that Amy had stopped sharing photos of her husband and was no longer wearing her wedding ring in photos. So… it does prove something was going on with her marriage. Is T.J. to blame? Or were they always headed for Splitsville? Hmm.

Interestingly, just because they weren’t afraid to show some PDA out in the open, it doesn’t mean T.J. and Amy had come clean about their personal lives to their co-workers before becoming the talk of the town. Another source told the mag:

“There were rumors they were having an affair about a year ago. A lot of people believed there might have been some truth to it, because you can see there’s a mutual affection there. But everyone ultimately chalked it up to friendship because they always said they were both happily married.”

They were def BS-ing! LOLz!

Amy was expected to be on the air as usual on Thursday, despite the bright hot spotlight on her now. Neither of them has commented on the scandal yet. We bet s**t’s really hitting the fan behind the scenes! The Morning Show writers better be taking notes. Hah! Thoughts?! When do U think this couple hit it off?? Sound OFF (below)!

[Image via Good Morning America/YouTube & Amy Robach/Instagram]

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