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Horrifyingly Graphic New Details Released In Case Of Rape &

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[Warning: Potentially Triggering Content]

For many out there, this case is too much, and we completely understand not being able to continue here.

Ever since Lily Peters went missing, the story has only gotten more and more disturbing. For those who haven’t been following, the Chippewa Falls 10-year-old didn’t return home from a visit to her aunt’s house last month. After a few hours of searching, her body was found in the woods nearby. Eventually police arrested her 14-year-old cousin, Carson Peters-Berger. But at first police warned of a potential child predator on the loose. And now we know what led them to that scary conclusion.

In a new criminal complaint released to the public on Friday, we learned about Lily’s condition when she was found, and it’s just horrifying.

First off, she was found by a family member, not a police officer — which makes everything we’re about to tell you about her condition that much more devastating. The 10-year-old’s body was found naked from the waist down and covered in bite marks. She had clear signs of blunt force trauma on one side of her face. Shocking.

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According to the docs, Carson admitted to the whole thing. He told police he offered to walk Lily home from his mother’s house with the express intent of raping and murdering her. He said he asked her if she wanted to go exploring in the woods for a bit before heading straight home, and the two left the trail.

Once they were off the trail, he punched her in the stomach, knocking her to the ground. Then he grabbed a large stick and struck her three times in the side of the head. He got her on her back and strangled her until he was satisfied she was dead. That’s when, he told investigators, he took off her pants and attempted to rape her. He recalled biting her at some point.

He told police he then got scared and stopped the sexual assault and ran home, where he put his clothes in the laundry and showered. However, a short while later he heard that she had been reported missing and got scared again. This time he went back out to the woods and attempted to “hide her better”. He dragged her body a few feet and covered it with leaves. This crime may have been premeditated, but it was not really thought out.

The 14-year-old may be a minor, but he’s facing some very adult charges — first degree intentional homicide; first degree sexual assault; and first degree sexual assault of a child under the age of 13, resulting in great bodily harm. We imagine after admitting everything to police he will end up pleading guilty.

Despite his age, the severity of the crime is likely to get him a much longer sentence than his father, who went to prison in 2018 for possession of child pornography.

[Image via Locate The Missing/Facebook.]

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