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If You’re Wondering, Millie Bobby Brown Did NOT Shave Her

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If you’re like me, then you watched Stranger Things Season 4 and immediately wondered if Millie Bobby Brown had shaved her head again for this season. Perhaps you even scoured her Instagram to find a post where she said “shaved [her] head again!” — to no avail.

Because it looked as if she did. Like, this very much looks like a real shaved head!!!

But I am reporting to you live (from here) to tell you that she did NOT shave her head again. IT WAS INDEED A WIG. Seems shocking, I know. But that just means the team behind her wig should win a hundred awards for how good it was.

Here’s some footage from Millie in the hair chair, getting her wig put on.

And here’s even more info, thanks to Kirbie Johnson, who spoke to Sarah Hindsgaul, the hair designer for Stranger Things, about how the wig was done to be soooooo insanely realistic.

Basically, they wrapped her real hair reallll tight around her head…

…and used this bandage-looking thing to really flatten it out.

And then, VOILÀ, the wig was put on.

Originally the wig, which was made by Rob Pickens, looked like this:

But it was given a good buzz, resulting in what we saw on Millie’s head.

And there it is. The most convincing wig I’ve ever seen in my life.

Courtesy Netflix / Courtesy Netflix

BRAVA to the hair department. Bye!

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