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Julia Fox Saying “Uncut Gems” In An Interview About Being

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If you’ve been on TikTok in the last week or so, you’ve noticed the No. 1 meme right now is Julia Fox saying UNCAH JAMS on the Call Her Daddy podcast. No clue what the fuck I just said? Let me explain.

So, as you know, Julia and Kanye West dated for a whirlwind month. On the Call Her Daddy podcast with Alex Cooper, Julia revealed that Kanye liked to dress her, buy her clothes, and even help her decide which makeup looks to go with. Like, Kanye picked out this now-iconic look:

Edward Berthelot / Getty Images

When Julia was asked whether she was Kanye’s muse, she replied “Yeah. A little. I mean, I was Josh Safdie’s muse when he wrote Uncut Gems, you know?”

Call Her Daddy / Spotify

Uncut Gems is a 2019 film starring Adam Sandler, Julia Fox, LaKeith Stanfield, and Kevin Garnett, written by the Safdie brothers.

Julia’s vocal fry, pronunciation, and the way she elongated the entire phrase “Uncut Gems” — or what people are calling “UNCAH JAMS” — went super viral on TikTok. People garnered millions of views recreating the moment:

For more, literally just search “Uncut Gems” on TikTok. There are SO MANY. It’s amazing. 

Like, the way this phrase has been permanently burned into all our brains. It’s inescapable:

Woke up at 4 am last night and immediately thought “I mean I was Josh Safdie’s muse when he wrote uncut GEMS dyouknowwhatimean, like things like that”

05:02 PM – 16 Feb 2022

Twitter: @itskellyrenee

Julia finally responded to the mega viral meme after Page Six posted this compilation of people recreating the moment.

“Omg, I was stoned. Leave me alone! Hahahahahah ,” she said.

Well, at least she knows the meme, appreciates it, and gave some backstory to the iconic pronunciation of Uncut Gems.


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