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Shocking Delphi Murders Twist: More Than One Killer?!

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Well, this is a surprise. We thought the case of the Delphi Murders was all over but the trial. Seems there may be more to it than that.

At the end of last month police finally charged someone with the horrific murders of 14-year-old Liberty “Libby” German, and 13-year-old Abigail “Abby” Williams. The teens had been dropped off at the Delphi Historic Trails in Delphi, Indiana way back on February 13, 2017 — and were found dead nearby just hours later. After years of dead ends and frustrated families, Indiana State Police finally charged local man Richard Allen with the murders. The 50-year-old Delphi native lived nearby and was said to have spoken about the murders with friends. He even helped the family print out photos for the funeral. Terrifying.

But as it turns out he may not be the only suspect involved.

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Allen appeared in court on Monday as Judge Fran Gull ruled on whether to unseal the arrest affidavit. Allen’s team are trying to get the affidavit unsealed because they think it will show people how little evidence authorities have against their client. Attorney Andrew Baldwin told reporters outside the courthouse:

“It may be weird for defense lawyers I suppose to be arguing that we want things unsealed, but that’s how confident we are in our client. That’s how confident we are that the evidence contained, at least what’s written in the probable cause affidavit, is nothing for us to worry about. We don’t know what other evidence is out there, but we’re confident that whatever is out there is not going to be enough to show that our client did anything here. He’s confused. He’s bewildered.”

He explained:

“You’re going to read that probable cause affidavit online or wherever they get it, and hopefully that’s going to ring a bell for somebody to help us out because he is innocent; he has told us that very emotionally.”

Meanwhile prosecutors are trying to keep the affidavit sealed, they said, for an extremely important reason — it could jeopardize the ongoing investigation, in which there are still other perpetrators on their radar! Carroll County Prosecutor Nicholas McLeland said:

“We have good reason to believe that Allen was not alone. That there could be other actors.”

Whoa! Multiple killers?! Accessories after the fact? What the heck are they talking about?!

Baldwin says he has no idea about a “second suspect”:

“If you read the probable cause affidavit it does not mention anything about any other person. That was news to us.”

Could police really believe there were others involved in the murders?? Or is this just legal maneuvering? If so, why haven’t they charged anyone yet??

For now the judge ruled the affidavit will remain sealed. So we guess the prosecution was convincing. Allen has a bond hearing in February. We’ll keep you up to date on any more twists.

[Image via Indiana State Police/FBI.]

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