‘Terrifier Book Two’ – A GRUESOME & SUSPENSEFUL Graphic Novel

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Terrifier Book Two is a gruesome and suspenseful graphic novel, and I enjoyed every page! There is something special about holding a tangible book with spectacular artwork versus viewing it digitally. I had the privilege of viewing this book both ways, each providing me with a different experience. Terrifier Book Two arrives just before the anticipated fall release of the film Terrifier 2, a sequel to the 2016 release, Terrifier

‘Terrifier Book Two’ – Courtesy of Steve McGinnis

Artist Steve McGinnis certainly outdid himself this time; this book is filled with many images and very little dialogue. The images define and carry the story along, no doubt about that. As I had mentioned in my previous review of the first book, the vibrant colors, attention to detail, and everything flows together. McGinnis has a magical way of storytelling through his well-crafted imagination.

Art, the terrifying clown, is back with his old tricks, terrorizing and causing havoc, particularly with an attractive young woman. McGinnis’s artwork carries us through the entire book, step by step, as Art unleashes his wrath and captures the young woman, and you can’t even imagine what’s in store. Suspenseful, horrific, and gritty, this book does not disappoint. 

‘Terrifier Book Two’ – Courtesy of Steve McGinnis

Produced by Phil Falcone and illustrated by Steve McGinnis, Damien Leone’s Terrifier Book Two is available to purchase; click here.

A Chat With Illustrator Steve McGinnis 

iHorror: How long have you been creating art?

Steve McGinnis: My whole life. I was the kid that doodled on everything in our house. Pads of paper, phone books… I’d run home after school, put on a record, and just draw. 

iH: How do you get inspired to produce a piece of artwork?

SM: Different pieces inspire me differently. Sometimes I get inspired by music, but sometimes it’s how I’m feeling, ‘Deadly Sins’ were inspired by the frustration of the pandemic. 

iH: You are known for horror-related art; have you drawn anything opposite? What draws you to horror? 

SM: I am actually known for doing children’s novels as well. For a while, it was my steady paycheck. I think what draws me to horror is the dark grittiness of it. It’s not a sugar-coated world you were told about as a kid; it’s more what the world is like. 

iH: Is there any piece you’ve created near and dear to your heart? 

SM: I think my take on Greed from the “7 Deadly Sins.” My mind was spinning, and this creature kept creeping in. I was able to capture its likeness with that painting. 

iH: What is the starting point for each piece that you create?

SM: I want to sketch a dynamic pose, something that’s just not standing there. Once I get that, I start with the eyes; for me, the eyes are everything. If they don’t look right after a while, I’ll scrap the piece. 

iH: What was the first project that you commissioned?

SM: I think it was years ago for a nature piece. I used to do a lot of animal pieces 20 years ago. 

iH: Can you tell us how you got involved with this project [Terrifier Book #2]?

SM: After watching Terrifier, I was hooked. I drew up the Scooby Doo Terrifier mash-up. I guess it caught Damien’s eye, and he reached out to me. We were back and forth for a while, and he asked me to illustrate the Terrifier graphic novels. It’s a passion project for sure. 

iH: How long did it take for you to complete the illustrations on this project?

SM: This book took about six months. Drawing it, coloring, and lettering. There are always revisions as well. 

iH: There were many more illustrations in this book versus the first. Did you face more challenges while working on this second book? 

SM: The only challenge I found with this book was that there wasn’t a lot of dialogue that helped more the panels along. So, I had to ensure the viewers had a smooth reading and viewing experience. 

iH: What are you working on right now?

SM: I’m working on Terrifier Book #3 and a series of Plague Doctor paintings to hopefully have a show. I want to have the Plague Doctor show with dark pipe organ music and all.

iH: Are you going to be attending any cons this year?

SM: I am. I just finished the Niagara Falls Comic Con; the next one is at the Falls Horror Fest in October. I really love doing the shows. 

iH: Thank you, Steve. As always, it was a pleasure. I am looking forward to Book #3!


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