The Rock & Zachary Levi Discuss Future DCEU Battles vs

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During the DC Panel at San Diego Comic-Con, Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson and Zachary Levi were asked if the superheroes they play on-screen could win in a fight against Superman.

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Levi, who plays Shazam, was asked if his character would ever even battle Superman in a film. Levi smiled and quickly said no before looking around the room, almost as if he had something to hide. The original Shazam film ended with a nod towards the Son of Krypton, although Henry Cavill was not seen in the final cut. There are rumors that Cavill was supposed to be in the film but didn’t appear due to disputes with WB at the time, and the possible appearance of Cavill at the DC Panel was a hot point of conversation going into this year’s convention.

Meanwhile, Dwayne Johnson took a more direct approach when asked whether his villainous Black Adam could take on DC’s boy scout. Saying that a possible fight between Black Adam and Superman was an “age-old question” for DC fans, Rock ultimately said that it would come down to which actor was portraying Superman at the time.

Johnson has repeatedly teased a conflict between Black Adam and Superman on social media and in interviews, to the point where an eventual confrontation seems inevitable. Whether that Superman ends up as Henry Cavill returning to the role or a new actor stepping in after the events of The Flash next year remains to be seen.

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DC moviegoers have yet to see Black Adam in action, but that will change when Dwayne Johnson’s long-awaited debut in the DCEU premieres on October 21. Meanwhile, Zachary Levi will return along with the entire “Shazamily” on December 21 in Shazam! Fury of the Gods. More information about both characters and their possible fights against the Man of Steel may come at DC Fandome, a superhero-centric presentation that kicks off on October 16.

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