AV Super Sunshine’s “Show Business (Glamorous)”

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AV Super Sunshine’s “Show Business (Glamorous)” is the latest single from one of the most creative and outside the box musical performers working today. What he accomplishes with his music and this new single is pouring old wine into new bottles with idiosyncratic flair that few others today can match. There’s a stronger introspective quality present in this new song, one certainly gets a sense of AV Super Sunshine assessing his experiences in the music world, but it never comes across as bitter or mean-spirited.

The theatrical influences on the song are unmistakable. This is especially fitting for a song title such as this, but it never veers into cliché. The flourishes along the way are artful, well-timed, and help further flesh out the single’s sound. Guitar underlies the song, you can hear its likely origins as a demo, but AV Super Sunshine and producer Michael Bradford do an exceptional job of building on that foundational element.

The lyrics are among the best he’s yet penned. An abiding theme running throughout his work is the pre-eminence of the individual and “Show Business (Glamorous)” makes it abundantly clear that notoriety hasn’t changed AV Super Sunshine’s core. His songs often stand out, as well, for their communal quality and vulnerability. One of the keys to his appeal is the courage to reveal himself to his listeners and his willingness to lay bare his experiences. It makes relating to his work all the easier. “Show Business (Glamorous)” should have a wide appeal despite its individualistic sound.

The haze hanging over the guitar does not come off as any sort of affectation. There’s an overall lightly hallucinatory flavor to the song that’s well in keeping with Sunshine’s previous work. He possesses a stylistic flair unlike many performers today – it’s substantive rather than empty gloss. Sunshine and Bradford achieve a crisp but never overpowering drum sound that rates as another of the song’s highlights. It sets an assertive pulse for the track that seems perfectly attuned to the composition’s needs.

His customary skill constructing songs is in full evidence. “Show Business” peaks at all the right places and the dramatic breaks laden through the song enhance its overall impact. He hasn’t struck a false note in the past and doesn’t disappoint listeners here. AV Super Sunshine understands the potential for rock and pop songs to provide listeners with wildly entertaining and imaginative rides, this song has a powerfully visual quality, It contrasts memorably with the occasionally weathered, raspy quality of his voice.

He’s an underrated vocalist. AV Super Sunshine shouldn’t be confused with more technically gifted vocalists, of course, but there’s an underrated versatility in his voice that goes unremarked on. No longer. The most important thing he brings to his vocals, however, is an unmistakable sense of personality filling the song with color. He makes you believe. “Show Business (Glamorous)” is a fine next step for AV Super Sunshine and serves up a turn we might have not expected, but it sounds instantly convincing.

Tomothy Ball

The music of AV Super Sunshine has been heard all over the world in partnership with the radio plugging services offered by Musik and Film Radio Promotions Division.  Learn more

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