The Nice Things Loudwire Readers Are Saying About Nickelback

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Earlier today (March 24), we shared a Twitter poll asking our followers to choose between Nickelback and Machine Gun Kelly in regards to which band they would rather listen to for the rest of their life if only given those two options. Surprisingly, regardless of those limited choices, fans expressed outright support for Nickelback’s music, despite having torn the band down at countless other times in the past when we’ve covered the Canadian rock superstars.

So, why the poll in the first place?

Despite MGK firmly being a pop-punk artist, a subgenre that’s frequently covered here at Loudwire, we’re regularly inundated with complaints, asking why on earth we’re keeping everyone up to speed with what the platinum-selling rocker with a legion of fans is up to. Given that a pickle on Facebook once had more followers than Nickelback (during what was arguably the band’s peak of popularity), pitting two of the most maligned rock artists against each other and forcing everyone to pick one or the other felt dastardly necessary — sorry!

Typically, Nickelback get lampooned in any comments section, but not this time.

It’s always felt odd that the band receives so much hate, yet manages to sell 10,000 or so tickets a night on tour. Translation: they have fans, and a lot of them, something their diamond-selling record All The Right Reasons had already informed us of.

On the internet, however, the group’s fans seem to exist often in the shadows, apprehensive of showing support in fear of getting torched by a community of rock fans whose singular aim is to make people feel bad about the music they like, even though most of these fans hate when outsiders make them feel bad about liking rock or metal.

In a rare and overwhelming display of unity, we finally saw the true colors of rock fans who truly love Nickelback — this is how you remind us of who you really are!

Take a look at what some of you had to say:

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