Vended (ft. Sons of Slipknot Members) Debut Aggressive New Song

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Vended, the metal band featuring Simon Crahan (son of Slipknot‘s Clown) and Griffin Taylor (son of Slipknot’s Corey Taylor), released their debut EP last year and have now returned with another new song, “Ded To Me.”

It’s an aggro-metal track that doesn’t fall too far from the realm of Slipknot, utilizing melody through droning, slightly atonal guitar leads and tremolo-picked passages with lunging groove breakdowns while Taylor’s pent up rage raises the overall intensity.

Speaking about the new song, Vended state, “This song is unforgiving and uncompromising. We are back and better than ever. This is a straight fuck you!”

Listen to “Ded To Me” further down the page.

While there’s no word as to whether or not more material can be expected in the near future, Vended will be quite busy this summer and into the fall with a wealth of tour dates approaching. On deck is a European tour opening for Slipknot with special guests Jinjer and, starting in early September, they’ll serve as the opener on In Flames‘ headlining tour with Fit For An Autopsy and Orbit Culture. See the In Flames dates here and, for tickets, head to this location.

“We’ve spent the past year playing shows, touring, releasing music, and meeting fans in the U.S.,” says Vended, “Now it’s time to start WORLD DOMINATION and hit Europe with the same energy. Hope you’re ready, here we come…!”

Vended, “Ded To Me” Lyrics

Can I get some fucking peace and quiet
If I could get away from all of the noise
There’s a fire in my head been here chosen
lets say this is my way of killing the perversions

Hey sorry I was late
Busy killing all your traits
Now I’m just a comeback suck in a stutter
Knock knock open up motherfucker
Is resentment the clean slate for the discontent?
Is resentment the only thing helping me through the torment?

Take a look at me, look at what you’ve done and see
That all I hear are shrieks when the banshie speaks
You never even blinked
So don’t even think I’m not paying attention,
You fucked up the lesson

Take a look at me, look at what you’ve done and see
That in my mind are shrieks when I hear you speak!
You never really cared, don’t act like it’s fair

So say it, say it
I’m overreacting
Maybe, Maybe
But who taught me that?
Say it, Say it
You’re overreactive
Maybe, Maybe
I’m over your bullshit
I was late
Busy killing everything
When you’re just a comeback stuck in a stutter

Think you fucking know me
You know nothing
Think you fucking own me
For all the times you ruined me

Drop dead

Vended, “Ded To Me”

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