Days of Our Lives Review for the Week of 3-20-23:

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Rumor has it that Bo killed Kate.

After she pressed him to remember who he was on Days of Our Lives during the week of 3-20-23, Kate dared Bo to shoot her, and Megan and Rolf both say she’s dead.

If Kate’s really dead this time, that’s a hell of a way for this legacy character to go out! But could she have had another miraculous victory over the Grim Reaper?

Finding Their Needle in a Haystack - Days of Our Lives

Kate’s cheated death several times before. This woman crawled from the park to the hospital after Vivian left her for dead.

She’s as strong-willed as she is fearless, and so far, we haven’t been given any proof that Bo killed her besides Megan and Rolf’s say-so. Even Bo’s flashback didn’t show Kate getting shot, only Bo’s gun going off.

That’s a perfect set-up for a “Kate’s still alive” twist!

On the other hand, imagine the drama if a brainwashed Bo did fatally shoot Kate. Bo is Philip’s half-brother and used to be involved with Kate’s daughter, Billie!

He and Kate share several branches of their tangled family tree, plus she’s a close friend of Marlena’s. Not to mention that, as Kate pointed out, Roman loves her and won’t be happy that his baby brother shot her.

If Kate has to die, leaving a trail of chaos and drama in her absence is totally her style. But I’d still bet she’ll turn up alive when she’s good and ready.

Hope Gets Info From Harris - Days of Our Lives

Whatever happened between Bo and Kate seems to have triggered his rebellion against Megan’s brainwashing. Good!

The flashback of Kate telling him that the real Bo Brady would be disgusted with him following Megan’s orders was overplayed to the point that it got stuck in my head. Still, I’d hoped Bo’s brainwashing was short-lived, and it appears I got my wish.

It was convenient that Rolf left a file in an unlocked drawer containing all the info Bo needed to learn who he was. It was even typed out for him; no messy doctor’s handwriting to try to decipher!

But I can forgive that silly plot device because it got Bo on the right path. His flashbacks of a younger Victor saying he was proud of him were doubly poignant now that we’ve lost John Aniston, something which had not happened yet when this was filmed.

Chanel and Paulina Score a Victory! - Days of Our Lives

I almost felt sorry for Rolf when Megan harassed him about Bo’s brainwashing not sticking. The evil genius has too many people pushing him to manipulate romantic feelings!

I cured Bo of a brain tumor and now I need you to cure him of Hope Brady.


Rolf surely feels he’s destined for more extraordinary things than this, even if he is loyal to the Dimera family.

Megan may not have succeeded in getting the fountain of youth serum, but she certainly behaved like she was still in high school. She’s still stuck at that moment when her mother broke her and Bo up when they were teenagers, and her tears and anger were that of an adolescent.

Once Bo is back in his right mind, he’d better pray that Megan and Jan Spears never have the opportunity to compare notes. All Salem needs is those two joining forces to get the Brady men they’re obsessed with!

Nicole and EJ's New Plan - Days of Our Lives

Meanwhile, Hope witnessed a psychiatrist deprogramming Harris and began to fall for him again.

The deprogramming scenes would have been more effective if we hadn’t gone through this with Stefan less than a month ago! This time, we had an ISA doctor use a machine built to give ECT instead of Rolf using a waffle iron, but otherwise, these scenes were the same.

This also isn’t how ECT works — it looked more like the fake torture machine Stanley Milgram used in his famous social psychology experiments in 1961.

And predictably, Ciara showed up as Hope leaned in to kiss Harris for the first time since his deprogramming.

Talia Makes a Surprising Decision - Days of Our Lives

Ciara’s inclusion in this storyline is decidedly mixed news. The adult version of Ciara has never been my favorite character. She was always getting kidnapped or having a sexathon with Ben, which was not particularly interesting.

Furthermore, Ben and Ciara are only here temporarily. That makes it challenging to invest in any story they’re part of.

Ciara’s pregnancy, for example,  falls flat because she and Ben are only visiting for a little bit.

There was no build-up since we weren’t on the boat with them discussing whether they wanted to have more kids, trying to get pregnant, or agreeing that this was the wrong time. And they’ll probably leave again long before the baby is born.

Jada Doesn't Understand Talia's Decision - Days of Our Lives

We already have one off-screen kid — Carrie and Austin’s son Noah has never been on camera as far as I know, and on the rare occasions his parents visit, there’s always an excuse for why he’s not with them.

We don’t need another, and this set-up doesn’t give viewers any reason to care about Ciara’s pregnancy.

Hope, Harris, and Bo are also special guest stars, but at least their story is worth investing in. Most viewers expect Hope to end up with Bo eventually and for the two to ride off into the sunset together, but we don’t know exactly how it will happen.

Bo always rescues Hope from some bad guy she thinks is in love with her. Will that happen again here?

Leo Overhears Chloe - Days of Our Lives

Ciara’s intrusion into Hope and Harris’ moment is irritating.

First, her ability to easily find Hope doesn’t give me confidence in the ISA’s security measures! And I’m not excited about Ciara trying to convince Hope that Harris is a bad guy that Bo would disapprove of.

Headstrong Ciara had no interest in Hope’s opinion of her dating serial killer Ben. So why should she expect Hope to care about her opinion now?

Bo had better get his head on right and rescue Hope — and viewers — before this goes too much further.

Xander And Alex Come to Blows - Days of Our Lives

This story should move quickly since Bo and Kayla have come face-to-face after Bo knocked Megan out for the second time in as many weeks. Bo may or may not remember Kayola, but she’s an expert at dealing with this — she helped cure Steve of amnesia, after all.

And since Marlena is alive and John’s found her, maybe she can help deprogram Bo if need be.

Back in Salem, Paulina and Chanel scored a victory over Sloan, but it was short-lived; someone trashed Paulina’s office.

Paulina: Are you sure, Belle? All right. [hangs up phone] Oh Lord! Oh Lord!
Chanel: Mama! Stop calling on the Lord and tell me what’s going on.

Paulina’s making a lot of noise about it being Sloan. While Salem’s sleaziest lawyer is the most likely suspect, the fact that Paulina is so convinced of her guilt makes me think Sloan is innocent.

Chad Gets Advice - Days of Our Lives

But if it’s not Sloan, then who is it? TR’s dead, not that that means anything in Salem, and I can’t think of anyone else who would want to do that.

Could this be the start of an interesting new storyline for Paulina? Or is this the next step in Sloan’s determination to terrorize her father’s victim?

Meanwhile, Chanel hired Talia — who apparently was a doctor before deciding she’d rather work in a bakery.

I didn’t like Jada’s attitude. Being a doctor may be prestigious, but if it’s not Talia’s true calling, no law says she can’t do something else.

Kayla Learns Bo is Alive - Days of Our Lives

Being a baker isn’t inherently inferior to a medical career. And being a cop is a blue-collar job, so Jada has no room to be looking down on anyone else for not having a high-status job.

I’m curious what Talia thought of Paulina’s comment that Jada arrested her once or the altercation with Sloan. She might wonder what the hell she just got herself into!

I hope Talia joins forces with Chanel to help bring Sloan down. That woman is insufferable. Even when she tries to do something positive, like encouraging Eric to open a photography studio, it’s laced with malice (e.g., promising him the building she plans to steal from Chanel as a gallery.)

Elsewhere, the silliness continued between EJ and Stefan.

John Encourages Paul - Days of Our Lives

Does Stefan not see right through EJ’s latest plan? If it were any more transparent, it would be a window!

Stefan has to know that EJ and Nicole aren’t offering to help him and Gabi hook up out of the goodness of their hearts. It’s no secret that EJ hates Gabi, and Nicole is loyal to EJ.

The only question here is what Stefan’s counter-plan is. He undoubtedly plans to get revenge on EJ,  but using Li’s shares to take over Dimera with Gabi is too long-term for his purposes.

Smarmy Li is another one who needs to be taken down a peg. I couldn’t stand how he forced himself into joining Gabi’s meeting with the Saxton CEO.

Andrew Visits Paul - Days of Our Lives

Leo decided to be even more annoying than usual after overhearing Chloe tell Kristen that Rachel is a brat in danger of becoming her evil mother.

Chloe’s turning this into a more significant drama than it needs to be. All she has to do is tell Brady how Kristen called and pushed her buttons and reassure him that she understands that Rachel is a little girl being manipulated by her mother. In fact, that’s what Chloe was trying to say.

Giving Brady a heads-up would also allow him to attempt to keep Rachel from reading this in Leo’s column. Now she probably will, leading to more tantrums and drama that Brady doesn’t deal with effectively.

And how did Chloe not realize Leo would double-cross her? From the second he asked for all those clothes, I knew he wouldn’t keep up his end of the bargain.

Chloe should have had the brains to insist he delete the story from his hard drive and the cloud before she handed over the clothes.

Gabi is Skeptical - Days of Our Lives

Meanwhile, Alex demonstrated how lazy and entitled he is. He not only shoved Xander but didn’t bother to get to work on time when he had an important meeting. Then he resented Maggie for barring him from attending the meeting when his appearance and demeanor were unprofessional.

You’re not owed a job, dude. Grow up!

Gwen isn’t worth Alex and Xander fighting, either.

The most interesting thing Xander has done in a while is comfort Chloe — where is THAT going?

Stefan Impresses Shin - Days of Our Lives

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