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[Warning: The below contains MAJOR spoilers for Ghosts, Season 1, Episode 8, “D & D.”]

Ghosts is keeping up with the ghost backstories as the latest episode explored the past of revolutionary military man Isaac (Brandon Scott Jones).

The episode, “D&D,” made way for several revelations including the reveal that Woodstone’s property also houses several British ghosts who were alive at the same time as Isaac. One such ghost caught the eye of Isaac long ago, as a flashback reveals the officer observing his “enemy” Nigel Chessum (John Hartman) across the battlefield through a telescope attached to his rifle.

Ghosts Season 1 Brandon Scott Jones as Isaac

(Credit: Bertrand Calmeau/CBS)

Sadly, one innocent moment of admiration turned deadly for Nigel after Isaac accidentally fired his weapon, and it’s a secret he’s been keeping for many years. Their chemistry is undeniable, and even Sam (Rose McIver) can’t help but call it out and encourage Isaac to be open with Nigel.

Unfortunately, everyone misreads the situation as a moment for Isaac to finally come out of the hundreds-year-old closet, and instead, he shares the unfortunate news that he killed Nigel in the past. Ultimately, they’re able to patch things up, leaving the door open to explore things beyond their old feuds, but only time will tell for certain what it will look like. In the meantime, Brandon Scott Jones, breaks down the pivotal episode and his hopes for Isaac’s future.

Ghosts Season 1 John Hartman and Brandon Scott Jones as Nigel and Isaac

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When you found out the show would delve deeper into Isaac’s backstory, did you expect it to be as dark as it is?

Brandon Scott Jones: When they told me what was going to happen I immediately got very excited, because I think you can understand why Isaac is the way he is a little bit more, in that he is hiding more than just the obvious secret. There’s something that’s tied to that other secret as well. I’ll always run toward dark comedy, anything that allows you to see sides of the character that aren’t the most loving and aren’t the most easily enjoyable, but hopefully makes that character a little bit more human. This is the ultimate thing to be able to not only be a murderer on a half-hour sitcom but a casual murderer. I’m definitely pumped and I think it’s such an interesting way to start what hopefully will be a relationship for him.

Speaking of a relationship, we do meet Nigel in this episode. Is it safe to say he’s Isaac’s hundreds-year crush? After all, he did end up accidentally killing the British officer while checking him out through a telescope that was attached to your rifle.

Right?! I think it’s a very recognizable thing for me, especially when I was younger, to have had a crush on somebody and then felt like telling this person would kill them. But I think that idea of having your feelings being so overwhelming that they actually could kill this person is so interesting. So yes, I think it’s a crush, but I do think that the two are tied. This is the first step in a long staircase for Isaac.

Ghosts Season 1 Brandon Scott Jones

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Will Isaac be a bit more free moving forward now, considering the new door that’s been opened with Nigel?

I think that he is. Another thing that I loved about this storyline is it gave me a little bit more of a complexity that I wasn’t expecting. He’s got a lot of work to do. I think Isaac has a very clear idea of who he wanted to be, not even just as a person, but as a political figure and his role in history, that it’s going to take a while for him to come to terms with all of it. However, I think we’re hopefully building towards an opportunity for Nigel and Isaac to have another conversation down the road that might be a little bit more productive in terms of romantic feelings maybeeeeee.

When you discovered the cause of Nigel’s death, did you laugh out loud?

Yeah. It shocked me. I remember this is one of the rare instances in the show where the creators and writers all told me at the same time that’s what was going to happen. I thought it was hilarious. The idea that just an innocent thing could turn into the absolute opposite was so funny to me and to also have to carry that with you for the 250 years that he’s been dead, let alone the number of years that Nigel’s been dead. So I’m sure that must be a very difficult thing for him. I think anytime you can turn the screws and make somebody be in a little bit of anguish, it adds to the funniness, especially when it’s a character as blowhard-y as Isaac can be sometimes.

Ghosts Season 1 Brandon Scott Jones

(Credit: CBS)

Along with Nigel, Isaac shows affection for Jay (Utkarsh Ambudkar) on a regular basis. Is there any chance he might be torn between the two?

Oh God, wouldn’t that be hilarious? If eventually, Isaac gets out of the closet, and then suddenly he’s just like, “Well, I also have to say that I’m into Jay as well.” The idea that he just found this new freedom and it feels so great to express it, but now he truly can’t let Jay go. Yeah, I think his infatuation with Jay is one of my favorite things because I just love Utkarsh so much. I think he’s so funny and cool. So [that would be] a fun thing to get to amp up as that character.

The show’s fanbase is growing each week. Have you felt that presence online or through social media since the show’s launch?

In the very beginning, I actually stayed away from reading too much about what was being said about the show online. In no pretentious way, I get that nauseated feeling anytime you put something out into the world. But as we kept going, and I kept hearing the cast members talk about such a wonderful response that I absolutely checked it out and was so overwhelmed with how much people seem to really be invested in the show. And it’s so great. So much of the success of it is because of the fans who are enjoying these characters. I think that there’s a little bit of catharsis and escapism in it. And anytime I feel like the fans can interact, it’s so sweet and lovely that we just hope we can keep giving them more of what they want.

Even though the show is mostly funny, it seems you can’t help from getting scared behind the scenes by your costars and crew. Will that continue or has every element of surprise disappeared?

Okay, here’s the thing. Every single time I think it’s over, it happens again. So I don’t know. I’m terrified to be like, “Yes, it’s over.” And then Richie [Moriarty] comes right back into it. But I will say that the crew was getting involved in it as well. I know Asher [Grodman] was a wingman too. The more I saw those videos, the more it was like Keyser Soze at the end of The Usual Suspects. I was like, “Oh my God, they were all involved.” It was so funny. And I was almost taken aback by my inability to see it coming. There were a couple of times where [Richie] would do it three times in one day, and then a week would go by and I would just be living my life it happens again. It’s so funny to me. It is a weird moment for you to learn something about yourself. You’re like, “Well, that’s what I’m going to look like if I ever get murdered.”

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