La Brea Season 1 Episode 7 Review: The Storm

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So many family secrets were revealed.

 Many sinkhole survivors wanted to exact justice against Eve and Marybeth in La Brea Season 1 Episode 7.  In their eyes, Eve and Marybeth took away their choice to return home and killed Diana, even if it was accidental.

It took a severe storm to force everyone to work together and save two of their own.

The Blizzard - La Brea

Most of the survivors are so angry at Eve and Marybeth. Josh was the worst. He refused to believe there was another way out of there.

We’re not getting out of here. My mom made sure of that.


While Eve’s decision may have been reckless, she did it to protect her son, and she suffered because of it. Everyone turned against her. Her son hates her because they’re all stuck in the sinkhole, and he refuses to forgive her.

Things get worse after Diana’s burial, and Sam asks for Marybeth’s gun. Marybeth’s son, Lucas, reveals that she killed his dad too, and everyone shoots her distrustful and angry looks. When Eve maintained that Diana’s shooting was an accident, the others wanted them gone.

The two of you stranded us here. Who knows what they’re going to do next. You both need to go.


The women had to feel betrayed that their friends and even their sons wanted them gone. The only ones who hesitated were Levi, Sam, Riley, and Scott. Eve and Marybeth were crushed that their sons also joined the manhunt against them.

What's Coming Next - La Brea Season 1 Episode 7

Marybeth was fed up and confronted Lucas, saying Diana died because she tried to keep him safe.

I’ve tried with you. I really have. If you don’t want a relationship, you got it!


Right after she confronted him, the storm started, and a beam began to crash on Lucas. She ran in to save him since that’s what mothers do. They were soon both trapped by the beam. The group quickly gathered to try and rescue them.

No matter how angry they were at Marybeth, no one wanted her and Lucas to die in the storm. This rescue was the true testament of family. It was also the first time Marybeth and Lucas had been alone together, which forced them to communicate.

Lucas had always had claustrophobia. Marybeth walked him through a panic attack by reminding him of the five senses. They were making jokes by the time he got to something he could hear.

Rescue Mission - La Brea Season 1 Episode 7

Eve was determined to prove her worth, so she tried digging a tunnel to save them. She couldn’t let another person die and deal with even more guilt.

She and Levi removed the debris from the outside, and Marybeth did the same inside until there was enough light for Marybeth to scream for help.

As it was about to collapse, Marybeth decided to reveal the truth about her ex. She had nothing to lose. She truly wanted to protect Lucas but didn’t know how to tell him since they had been estranged for so long, and he always believed his father.

For once, Lucas softened towards his mom and grabbed her hand as they waited for the others to rescue them.

The Hayes - La Brea Season 1 Episode 7

Josh was the most stubborn. He and Riley went to look for tools to break up the debris. As always, Riley showed her maturity and wisdom when it started storming. She thought they should wait in the 18-wheeler truck they found until it stopped.

She also tried to remind him that Eve chose to keep them all in the sinkhole to protect their lives, and that showed love.  These discussions showed the age difference and that Riley is a mature young adult, while Josh is still an angry teenager.

When the two of them returned, they learned that Sam had used an explosive to blow a hole in the concrete to loosen the debris and pulled the Hayes out to safety. Levi and Sam told Josh how Eve helped save the Hayes.

Josh decided they should take a new vote to let the women stay in the clearing. They agreed if Marybeth gave up her gun. Lucas nodded his encouragement at his mom, and the survivors formed an uneasy truce was formed.

All Alone - La Brea Season 1 Episode 7

Was anyone expecting the twist that Gavin was adopted and that the date Rebecca gave him, November 16, 1988, was the date he was adopted? He quickly enlisted Dr. Nathan’s help so they could learn who dropped him off at child services.

They had to be discreet since they both signed NDA’s with the government to never talk about the sinkhole or the rescue.

But it doesn’t say anything about helping a friend reconnect with their birth family, does it? You want to bring Diana home, this could be our chance.


Like many adoptees, Gavin longed to know where he came from, so the two of them asked the reverend at a church for answers and learned she found him and a 12-year-old girl and placed them both in separate homes.

All my life I wondered where I really came from, who my parents really are. Maybe I’ll finally get some answers to that.


Poor Sophia. Gavin kept having visions of Diana, which forced him to tell her that something awful had happened to her fiance. At least he was honest and didn’t try to keep it from her. It will be worse when she learns his wife was involved.

Torn Gavin - La Brea Season 1 Episode 5

Gavin and Sophia find the name of the other woman-Allie — and find her residence. They saw a red handprint on some of her plants and knew she was connected, but it didn’t look like she’d been home for some time.

I wonder if Ellie is Paara, the fort woman who helped Ty escape and healed him. She seemed suspicious of strangers, yet she helped Ty and found shelter for them in the cave away from the storm.

She’s afraid of the sky people and what they want and has grown to like living in the fort. She and Ty formed grudging respect for each other since Ty admitted the sinkhole changed him and taught him how to survive.

When she revealed her name, at the name time Gavin and Sophia were searching Ellie’s place, something clicked. Could they be the same person?1

Over to you, La Brea Fanatics.

Paara - La Brea Season 1 Episode 7

We’re nearing the end of La Brea Season 1.

Do you think the sinkhole survivors will be rescued by then?

Were you surprised that Gavin was adopted and that his origins affect his visions?

Chime in below in the comments.

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