Mark Boal, Michiel Huisman, Jessica Ann Collins, and Luke Evans Tease

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There isn’t a lot we can talk about when it comes to the thrilling new series, Echo 3, premiering on Apple TV+ on Wednesday, November 23.

Not only is most of the information embargoed, to spoil even a sliver of it would ruin your viewing experience.

At TV Fanatic, we take pride in allowing you the opportunity to discover and explore the best content has to offer without spoilers.

Michiel Huisman, Jessica Ann Collins, and Luke Evans

Here’s what we can discuss straight from Apple TV+.

Echo 3 is an action-packed thriller set in South America that follows Amber Chesborough (Jessica Ann Collins), a brilliant young scientist who is the emotional heart of a small American family.

Echo 3 Poster

When Amber goes missing along the Colombia-Venezuela border, her brother, Bambi (Luke Evans), and her husband, Prince (Michiel Huisman) – two men with deep military experience and complicated pasts – struggle to find her in a layered personal drama, set against the explosive backdrop of a secret war.

Echo 3 also stars Martina Gusman as “Violetta,” a prominent political columnist. The series features James Udom, Maria Del Rosario, Alejandro Furth, Juan Pablo Raba and special guest star, Bradley Whitford.

Echo 3 does a tremendous job of incorporating intense emotions with thrilling action sequences, which sets is apart from a lot of other movies and shows of a similar genre.

Amber Looks Concerned

When any woman goes missing, there are people who desperately want and need her back, but most of them aren’t lucky enough to have men in their lives with as much to offer as Bambi and Prince.

We talked with the three stars of the show to inquire about the challenges of making a thriller of this nature, that requires the utmost physical strength and great emotional weight, as well.

From their preparation for the roles to sharing the most important thing we need to know about their characters, please enjoy our discussion with Michiel Huisman, Jessica Collins, and Luke Evans.

Showrunner, Academy Award-winner Mark Boal, created, directed, and executive produces Echo 3. You’re likely familiar with his previous work such as The Hurt Locker and Zero Dark Thirty.

In our interview, Mark discussed the inspiration for this series and the challenges of making a long-form movie, which is how he sees the production.

He talks about why he was interested in filming in Columbia and the challenges to making an American series in a foreign country, and how he trusted his cast and crew to pull off his ambitious project.

Echo 3 has attracted a talented cast with good reason. It’s edge-of-your-seat entertainment that, through the five episodes provided to critics, never lets up and allows you or the characters time to breathe.

It’s another notch in Apple TV+’s belt as they continue to focus on quality over quantity, with incredible results.

Echo 3 premieres with three episodes on Wednesday, November 23 and one new episode every week following.

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