‘Married at First Sight’: 4 Key Moments From ‘Jamaican Me

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Jamaican Me Crazy

Season 16 • Episode 7

[Warning: The below contains MAJOR spoilers for Married at First Sight, Season 16, Episode 7, “Jamaican Me Crazy.”]

Married at First Sight Season 16 continues its run on Lifetime and the day-to-day drama of newlywed life is setting in for participants in the latest episode, “Jamaican Me Crazy.”

While the tail end of the honeymoon is anything but smooth sailing, the couples dive into domestic life with high hopes upon returning to Nashville to live in shared apartments for the first time together. Below, we’re breaking down all of the key moments from the installment, so beware of spoilers ahead.

Clearing Things With Clint

Gina and Clint from 'Married at First Sight' Season 16

(Credit: Lifetime)

Picking up where the last episode ended, Gina and Clint take some time apart after their fight with her being upset over comments he made about her physical appearance. Meanwhile, he tries justifying his comments while talking with Chris and Airris, saying that Gina referred to him as ginger and how that term isn’t looked upon kindly. Airris tries to reason with Clint, who admits he could have handled things a little differently. Choosing to take this advice, he apologizes to Gina before everyone convenes for a group dinner.

At the dinner, Clint apologizes to everyone for his comments and how they could have been construed as offensive, particularly the women. Nicole decides to stand representative for the women, agreeing to wipe the slate clean, but it’s clear that judgment is being passed. Without taking too much time to dwell on the fact, Gina asks her fellow couples how they’d rate their current relationships.

While Mackinley and Domynique have had some difficulty meshing, the pair settle on a 7.5/10 rating for their current relationship together. Similarly, Nicole and Chris each select an 8.2/10 rating for their relationship, and Kirsten and Shaquille choose a 7, while the other couples have varying options. Gina proudly proclaims that she believes she and Clint are at a 5/10, but with room for growth and progress. Jasmine is a little surprised to learn Airris has a different answer than her as he selects a 7/10 as opposed to the 7-.5-8/10 rating she assigns.

Heading Home

Chris and Nicole from 'Married at First Sight' Season 16

(Credit: Lifetime)

On the final morning paradise, Clint suffers from stomach cramps, Domynique and Mackinley discuss their approach to his negativity and his feeling of being judged rather than encouraged. Things get a little awkward for the pair as they continue to grow more distanced with every discussion. Meanwhile, Nicole finds Chris crying and learns he’s upset because their new apartment has a two-dog limit and which means one of his dogs wouldn’t be allowed to live with them. Nicole tries to comfort and support him and even asks if her dad can help watch her dog and rotate the pets in and out of the apartment o Chris isn’t without his fur babies.

The gesture doesn’t go unnoticed as he thanks her profusely for problem-solving and her willingness to sacrifice time with her own dog for him. Ultimately, her dad agrees to stay in her apartment and dog-sit when needed to have the full experience without interference. As for Airris and Jasmine, they enjoy breakfast together and reflect on their different relationship ratings, but she’s understandably nervous about his hesitance toward their relationship. After packing up, the couples head to the airport and fly home to Nashville to being the next chapter of their lives.

Surveying Their New Space

Domynique and Mackninley from 'Married at First Sight' Season 16

(Credit: Lifetime)

The couples go directly from the airport to their new shared apartments that will be part of the season-long experiment. While they survey their new homes, Gina and Clint discuss the idea of their first shared meal in the home and he mentions wanting to have a Mexican fiesta with friends. He’s also looking forward to spending time with Gina’s dog because it’s been some time since he got to play with a pet.

Kirsten and Shaquille discuss chores and she warns the closet at her own apartment will be a sight to behold. The possible terror that could be sparked by such comments is kept at bay when she tells Shaquille she can do his laundry, but he’ll have to show her his preferred method before she touches anything. Nicole and Chris are looking forward to their new living space, but he sets one rule for them to follow, which is to share when they’re upset about something with each other so any issues can be addressed immediately.

Meanwhile, Domynique and Mackinley discuss their wake-up schedules as well as chores, and she notes that she’s going to need a lot of patience in order to support him the way he’s expecting. Airris and Jasmine walk around their space as he dictates certain rules they’ll be following and she notes how bossy he is. When they finally sit down, Airris asks if Jasmine would have any do-overs from the Honeymoon, but she says no, that there’s nowhere to go but forward.

A Peek Behind the Apartment Curtain

Airris and Jasmine from 'Married at First Sight' Season 16

(Credit: Lifetime)

The next morning, the couples begin to venture out to their own apartments and houses in order to collect clothes and other items they’ll bring over to the shared spaces. First up is Airris and his house where Jasmine uncovers his gym and “kick-it” room, which convey how important alone time is to Airris. Noticing his dad’s obituary framed in his bedroom, Jasmine can’t help but be impressed by his sneaker collection and decides at the moment that he can have the closet space she was hoping to keep for his shoes. Meanwhile, Domynique is less than thrilled to find out that Mackinley’s living space has no defining elements relating to him as he’s currently staying in a basement belonging to family friends. When he mentions his apprehension to sign a lease, that seems to be the final straw for Domynique who finds it hard to believe a man who can’t sign a lease is ready for marriage.

What do you think? Is Mackinley ready to commit and can he help patch things up with Domynique? Stay tuned to find out when Married at First Sight returns next week.

Married at First Sight, Season 16, Wednesdays, 8/7c, Lifetime

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