Supergirl Series Finale Review: Finding Your True Self

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This is how a series finale should be done.

By the end of the two-part finale, we’d caught up with fan favorites, beaten the enemy, and the couples had gotten their happy endings. It truly felt like we had come full circle from Supergirl Season 1.

Kara has matured in the ways that she wanted to help people. She also knew the repercussions of living a double life and wanted to live her own life finally.

Heartbreaking News - Supergirl Season 6 Episode 19

On Supergirl Season 6, Episode 19, the Superfriends must rescue Esme from Lex and Nyxly after killing William and kidnapping the little girl.

This dilemma placed so much strain on the Danvers sisters’ relationship since they had different ideas.

We are going to find them and we are going to get Esme back. I will fix this.

Kara wanted to find all the totems, power herself up, stop Lex and Nyxly, and then get Esme back. Alex thought that was too risky. She kept panicking about how scared her daughter must feel.

She also blamed herself for not listening to Kara and binding Esme’s powers. As a new mom, she experienced so much regret, and she longed to get her daughter back.

When Kara found the final totem, the destiny totem, at a church in Prague, Alex followed her there to retrieve it.

Feuding Danvers Sisters - Supergirl Season 6 Episode 19

Kara saw the chaotic future if Lex and Nyxly gained control of all the totems, but Alex maintained that she didn’t care.

It’s my daughter Kara! My daughter. I would risk the world rather than lose her. If paying his ransom puts my little girl back in my arms, then that’s exactly what I’m going to do.


If Kara’s plan didn’t work, Alex said she’d never forgiven herself or Kara, and she took off with the destiny totem. The Danvers sisters never speak that harshly to each other, but things change when you become a parent, and it’s your child’s life at stake.

Even Nyxly stood up to Lex and refused to hurt Esme when he wanted to cut the totem out of her. Even evil imps have limits when it comes to innocent children.

I will not hurt that little girl! If you know me like you say you do then should know harming an innocent child is something I’d never agree to. Ever!


Nyxly refused to let Lex use her or the little girl. She may be evil, but she kept her word and took Esme back to her moms’.

Nyxly Returns Esme - Supergirl Season 6 Episode 19

Kara had so much to learn too. She powered herself up from the All Stone and took energy from the sun. She wanted to stop Lex and Nyxly, but all it did was anger the government and scare the residents.

After seeing the effect, Kara wanted to find a new plan to stop Lex and Nyxly, knowing that they had the stones.

Kara’s quest continued on Supergirl Season 6 Episode 20. By the end of the finale, all of the characters had found their true selves and allowed themselves some closure.

Lena has come so far since she joined the series in Supergirl Season 2. Back then, she was a fierce, controlled powerhouse who wanted to change the Luthor name but was scared to get close to anyone.

Using Magic - Supergirl Season 6 Episode 20

Over the last few years, she’s learned that she can be an asset to others and has developed real friendships. Since she’s known about her magical powers, she’s grown even more vulnerable and finally becomes at peace with who she is.

Lena never had closure with her mom, but she finally got some with Lillian when a dying Lillian explained why she stifled Lena’s powers as a kid.

Lillian: I need to tell you that I knew. I knew what your mother was. I knew what you are.
Lena: You knew?

Knowing that Lillian, in her way, loved Lena and was now setting her free to fulfill her destiny gave Lena the push she needed to help defeat Lex. She lowered the defenses of the residents so they could hear Kara’s speech.

Kara spoke about Lex and Nyxly draining people’s destiny and hope and how they needed to work together to defeat them. She inspired them because her old friends Mon-El, Winn, and James showed up to assist, and so did the town.

United Together - Supergirl Season 6 Episode 20

Lex grew cocky and thought he had the upper hand, so he released some phantoms. However, when they saw all those people united against him, they flew back, attacked him, and sent him and Nyxly to another portal.

Once they defeated him, all the Superfriends had to move on. Brainy was scheduled to go back to the future while Nia was opening a center for LBGTQ youth. Their goodbye was so heartbreaking and emotional.

You’ll be in my dreams, Nia. You’ll always be the girl of my dreams. I love you, Nia Nal.


It seemed so unfair that they would separate one fan-favorite couple right before Alex and Kelly’s wedding. It was a happy surprise when Brainy showed up at the wedding to be Nia’s date and stay in National City.

I love you, Nia. I love you more than I’ve ever loved anything. I’ve devoted my entire life to the pursuit of protecting people but when I returned to the future the pursuit felt hollow when the most important pursuit is devoting myself to you.


When Nia caught the bouquet later at the wedding reception, Brainy remarked he knew their wedding would be next, meaning these two got their happy ending after all.

Kelly & James - Supergirl Season 6 Episode 20

Now for the moment, we’ve all been waiting for -the wedding between Alex Danvers and Kelly Olsen. It was such a family affair.

James walked his sister down the aisle, Winn and Kara sang, and Esme was the flower girl.

J’onn had the most significant role. Not only did he walk Alex down the aisle, but he officiated the ceremony. He spoke with pride about how strong Alex always was, but something had been missing until she met Kelly.

Kelly is Alex’s missing puzzle piece. They complement each other. In each other’s company, they find balance.


Both Kelly and Alex spoke about how the other always let them be themselves. Kelly mentioned how their relationship blossomed from friendship to romance the night she fell apart, and Alex just held her and didn’t try to fix anything.

That’s the day I knew without any doubt that I couldn’t live another day without you.


Happy Wedding Day - Supergirl Season 6 Episode 20

Alex remembered how inauthentic her life felt before she came out. She said it was better after but that there was something still missing.

I wasn’t really me until I found you. You are my truth. You and Esme have created a life for me that I never dreamt would be possible.


Alex has always longed to be a mom, so this wedding and adopting Esme finally gave her her dream.

Hearing her mom validate her parenting skills was just the icing on the cake.

Esme finally feels like she belonged to a family. She was the cutest little girl, and seeing her enthusiasm that her moms were married was adorable.

The Happy Family - Supergirl Season 6 Episode 20

Cat Grant made an appearance! What a throwback that was to the beginning. She made Kara an offer to be the editor-in-chief of CatCo when Cat returned.

Kara had lived a double life for so long that she didn’t know if she could manage to work at the new DEO and CatCo again without someone getting hurt or her secret getting out. Both Alex and Lena reminded her she wasn’t alone anymore in the fight.

Cat Grant admitted she knew Kara was Supergirl and told Kara it was time to decide to make her happy.

Kara, there’s important work to be done and I hope you’ll join me but more importantly I hope you’ll choose your full self cause it’ll be something to see.


In the final scene, the Superfriends are having weekly game night and watching an interview Cat does with Kara, where she introduces her as her editor-in-chief and Supergirl.

Supergirl Season 6 Episode 20

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Did your favorite couples and characters get their happy endings?

Were you excited to see Cat Grant again? Chime in the comments below.

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