Virgin River Season 4 Episode 12 Review: Paternity Results, Charmaine’s

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We need the next season NOW!

While Virgin River Season 4 got off to a slow start, proving that they didn’t need those additional two installments if things would meander, the back half of the season has been incredibly strong.

And the events of Virgin River Season 4 Episode 12 are enough to have us reeling and counting down the days until we can return to this beloved couple, town, and all of its delicious drama!

Call from Charmaine - Virgin River Season 4 Episode 12

How are we doing, Mel and Jack ‘shippers? MEL SAID YES!

We got the perfect engagement; having it at the airstream was romantic. From the lighting to the view, it was downright majestic.

Perfect Engagement-tall - Virgin River Season 4 Episode 12

And we got the desired results about the baby, with Jack as the father, thank the high heavens. We also confirmed what some of us suspected this whole time — that Jack isn’t the father of Charmaine’s twins. However, that still made for an absolutely bonkers cliffhanger.

Mel and Jack had such a rough season that it feels good to see them winning. But we’ll have to dissect that further in a moment because there was so much happening at once.

For one, we had to say goodbye to Ricky as he shipped off, and who knew it would be this difficult?

He’s such a lovable kid. He’s following his dreams and desires, and it’s all you can want for him. But he’s become such a staple of Virgin River and Jack’s Bar that it’s hard to imagine the town without him.

Sending Ricky Off -tall - Virgin River Season 4 Episode 12

He’s the classic small-town boy next door going off to do incredible things. One can only imagine how things will be for him when he inevitably returns home, more mature, wiser, more experienced, and with a greater appreciation for Virgin River.

Hopefully, he’ll still have Lizzie to return to, as their love story feels like a semicolon rather than a period. They have a beautiful friendship regardless, which is lovely.

Ricky’s most emotional moments were with Lydie and Jack. For his entire life, Ricky has been Lydie’s world, and they captured that well in those moments when she fretted over him while saying goodbye.

It was so difficult for them both. Ricky has been the man of the house and taken care of his grandmother for so long that he has that understandable guilt and worry that comes with leaving her behind. And Lydie has devoted her life to Ricky, and now she faces an empty house with him gone.

Hometown Goodbye -tall - Virgin River Season 4 Episode 12

The Sewing Circle coming to comfort her, understanding why she couldn’t be there at the sendoff, lest she breaks down crying, was a beautiful scene. Their enduring friendship remains a highlight of this series.

Jack driving Ricky to the station felt right. For so long, he’s been the father figure to Ricky, and that bond has been one of the most consistent and strongest.

Mel: Maybe if I leave, then Cameron will stay and you won’t have to find a replacement.
Doc: What do you mean if you leave?
Mel: Look, I only want to do what’s best for you, so I’ve decided to resign.

He had all the best advice for Ricky, reminding him that it’s okay that he’s scared right now. Jack walked his path, and it must’ve been hard for him, seeing this kid who probably reminds him of himself, Chris, and others, leaving like that, but part of parenthood is letting your children fly away.

Ricky has been great practice for Jack in that regard.

Always Smiling -tall - Virgin River Season 4 Episode 3

In Ricky’s absence, we still have a likable young man who managed to win hearts in the final hour. Denny was such a mystery the entire season, and it was frustrating that we didn’t spend as much time fleshing him out.

It’s so much about Denny, I’d still like to know, but I was not mentally or emotionally prepared for the truth. Denny isn’t a scam artist, an imposter, a drug abuser, or anything else.

Lizzie, the reason I can’t be in a relationship is because I don’t have a future. I have Huntington’s Disease which is terminal.


He’s a grieving young man with a terminal illness who wants a taste of this communal, happy life even if he feels that he’s a dead man walking.

Huntington’s Disease is such a debilitating disease. He’s only 19, and he’s already facing this battle. My heart breaks for him.

Terminal  - Virgin River Season 4 Episode 12

It explains why Doc has been worried about him so much and wants him to take better care of himself. Denny is active and enjoys being out and about, but it can be concerning if he has balance issues, passes out, and things of that nature.

Denny confiding in Lizzie feels like a breakthrough for the friendship. She knew there was a wall between them, and it was interfering with the bond they formed.

Hopefully, now that he’s shared the truth with her, he can continue having the support he deserves, and they only grow closer as friends or more.

It’s no doubt that Lizzie will take Hope up on the offer of serving as her aide now that she’s cleared the air with Denny. Lizzie is a good choice. She’s grown so much as a character.

Handling Hope-tall - Virgin River Season 4 Episode 8

She has a unique bond with both Doc and Hope that makes this new arrangement work without making Hope feel helpless.

Lizzie also does well keeping secrets. She protected Christopher’s privacy well.

I love how the community comes together to take care of their own. Preacher and Connie have been the best things ever to Paige and Christopher.

Preacher was in peak badass mode when he went after Vince. He fared much better this time than in previous instances when he went off alone.

Saving Paige  - Virgin River Season 4 Episode 12

Now that he rescued Paige and the authorities have Vince, what does this mean for Paige and Christopher? Can they stay in Virgin River again? Will she face trouble for killing Wes in self-defense?

And if Paige is still around, where will things stand between Preacher and Julia? We haven’t seen her since, so things feel up in the air.

Mike came in clutch when it counted, and we have yet another season under our belts where Mike has come across suspicious, but nothing comes from it.

It’s not just me, is it? It’s always so hard to trust him. Maybe if we spent more time with him outside of murder and drug investigations, he wouldn’t always make it on the suspect list in fan theories.

Apologetic Mike  - Virgin River Season 4 Episode 12

His apology to Brady was a bit awkward. It’s not like he can unsay many of the things he’s expressed, especially when he’s butted into Brady and Brie’s relationship.

Brady is a free man. Things were conveniently resolved offscreen regarding the shooting, and some random dirty cop we never heard of was the one who set Brady up and had been working with Calvin.

Mike: You’re a free man.
Brady: What?
Mike: It turns out Deputy Howard was helping Calvin launder money.
Brady: How did you figure that out?
Mike: Brie.

They constantly dabble with the crime life, but they don’t fully commit to it, and it’s noticeable when storylines wrap up like this.

Of course, Brady isn’t entirely out of the woodwork because of Melissa, but no one else knows that yet. Not even Brie.

Standing Up for Herself -tall - Virgin River Season 4 Episode 12

I believe Brady and Brie are in it for the long haul, and their romance is one of the most enduring and endearing. However, they’re obviously going to face their challenges, too, and this thing with Melissa will be one of them.

Brie worked tirelessly to clear Brady’s name. And he’s been the consummate support for her after she shared her sexual assault experience with him.

Don: Why are you being such a bitch?
Brie: Say that again.

He’s trying so hard to navigate this delicately, and it’s all you can ask for in a partner. But Don’s arrival is triggering, and Brady is Brady.

If he so much as crosses paths with Don, it could get ugly. Don is such a piece of crap, and I’m happy that Brie had her empowering moment of telling him about himself and announcing that she’d file charges against him.

Don  - Virgin River Season 4 Episode 12

For her sake and the sake of all of his victims, he deserves to pay for what he’s done. With the fiery Brie leading the charge, he will.

Brie is a strong woman, but this is a big step, and it’ll consist of going public with what happened to her. She tried shoving it all done and not dealing with it, but this will change everything.

Don: I’m sorry if I did something to upset you.
Brie: Upset me? You raped me. And you’re the one who should’ve suffered. and you know what? For all the other women in your life, I can’t let that stand.

Jack and Mel’s life will change in so many ways, too.

Shockingly, Mel chose to resign! Mel doesn’t know how NOT to be a nurse, so I can’t imagine her not going to the clinic every day.

Put a Ring On It -tall - Virgin River Season 4 Episode 12

I understand her taking precautions since she’s a high-risk pregnancy, but it sucks that she’s stepping down to make a path for Cameron to stay.

She’s sacrificing her job for the greater good of the community and Doc’s well-being, and that’s admirable. Jack is right; she’s compassionate.

But will this choice do any good? Cameron said he wouldn’t want a front-row seat to her and Jack, and it’s hard for him to forget or move on, but Virgin River is so tiny.

It’s impossible to avoid Mel and Jack. He’ll always have that front-row seat whether Mel is working there or not.

Heart Eyes for Mel -tall - Virgin River Season 4 Episode 10

The Cameron thing is weird. It’s a pity we didn’t get to know him better so we could be more sympathetic to him, but we never got that chance. As a result, it’s hard to invest in him at all.

We barely saw him practicing medicine on his own. His scenes with Mel didn’t give us enough to support him crushing on her and butting into her relationship, and it’s hard to believe someone could be that unprofessional and immature.

The whole situation is even more awkward because Mel told Doc, Brie, and especially Jack what Cameron said about Jack and where the tension is, and I don’t see how they move past any of that.

Blissed-out Jack is the best version of him, though. Maybe down the road, it’ll be strange when he runs into Cameron, but for now, he couldn’t care less about what Cameron said.

Getting the Results  - Virgin River Season 4 Episode 12

He was too over the moon because Mel said yes to his proposal. It was such a gorgeous setting that it made you swoon, and I love this for them.

And to keep the momentum going, giving us more sweetness to make up for the hell they put us through for most of the season, we know that Jack is the biological father of their baby girl.

Jack: I don’t care what that email says. I love you, and I’m going to love our baby so much.
Mel: I love you too. I’m sorry.
Jack: What?
Mel: We wouldn’t have been in this position if it wasn’t for me.
Jack: No, hey this is not your fault. I never thought that I never will.
Mel: If I hadn’t gone to the clinic.
Jack: If I never broke up with you. We are not here because of you. We’re here because of us. It might not be perfect but we are together that’s the only thing that matters. You and me. We got this okay.

Jack gives off the best Girl Dad vibes, so I’m excited to see the two of them on the journey together, especially now that the soap opera drama portion of “Who is the baby daddy” is over.

Thank goodness they didn’t hold off on that reveal until the following season. It would’ve been too much to bear.

Embracing on Virgin River

Hopefully, this also means that Mel won’t face messy custody drama with Cassandra.

Mel and Jack can finally have the life they wanted, and these two people who have endured so much hurt, pain, and loss can simply be happy. It’s beautiful.

It remains concerning that Jack is loosely tied to Melissa on the professional front. My theory about Nick pulling out of the deal was wrong.

Nick and Jo Ellen were ecstatic about the engagement and baby, and Nick was happy to help Jack with this investment into the airstreams, but Melissa showed up, too. Trouble is around the corner with her.

Dinner Celebration  - Virgin River Season 4 Episode 12

Who do you think was taking pictures of them at the restaurant? The authorities are probably investigating Melissa, which means that Jack will get dragged into the mix, too, because she’ll have her hands in his business as an investor.

It’ll also mean Brady gets dragged into some more trouble, too, just when he escaped going to prison before. It’s all so nerve-wracking, but Melissa is apparently sticking around.

And, ugh, Charmaine. They walloped us with this when she was coming across as a better person and character!

Charmaine and Jack had made such progress in their relationship. They were sweet to watch, and it was nice that they learned how to become friends and cast aside their issues.

Melissa Meets the Couple - Virgin River Season 4 Episode 12

We knew Charmaine’s relationship with Todd would be doomed. Charmaine was so busy running to the first man who looked like Prince Charming to spite Jack and make herself feel better that she didn’t see any of the signs.

Todd could be cheating, or may he isn’t; it doesn’t matter. He treated Charmaine like a prized possession and not a person. All of it was bound to fall apart somehow.

Charmaine: He’s going to leave me.
Mel: Whose leaving you?
Charmaine: Todd! I’m going to lose my babies.
Mel: No, you’re not going to lose your babies the ambulance is coming. Charmaine: This is karma, I’m being punished. Mel: No, honey you’re not being punished.
Charmaine: It’s because I lied.
Jack: What?
Charmaine: The twins, they’re not your babies.

We couldn’t anticipate Charmaine having a full-blown panic attack, freaking out and fearing that she was losing the babies, and finally admitting that the twins don’t belong to Jack.

It’s been one of the most popular theories for multiple seasons. Charmaine is manipulative enough to pull a stunt like this, but it didn’t make those final moments any easier to watch.

Hysterical Charmaine  - Virgin River Season 4 Episode 12

Charmaine has put Jack through so much shit. All you could do was play back everything that’s happened since Charmaine announced she was pregnant.

How does a person even keep up such an egregious lie? No wonder she’s falling apart at the seams and worried about karma!

Charmaine can’t get any lower than this. I also don’t know how she can even come back from this.

On the surface, we can talk about how much she loved Jack and that she desired him as a father because he’s a good guy, and she knew he’d do right by the kids.

Excited Mama -tall - Virgin River Season 4 Episode 10

We can go on for ages about how broken Charmaine is and that she, too, is a complicated woman with a lot of trauma, baggage, and heartache. But my gosh!

Is there any coming back from this?

Now Jack and Mel have to help Charmaine and be with her as she goes to the hospital while processing this news.

Jack’s entire life changed when he found out about those twins. He’s been trying to make money, sacrificing so many things, all of his relationship issues with Mel, the emotional warfare Charmaine waged on him. — the list goes on.

Blown Away  - Virgin River Season 4 Episode 12

As a fan of Jack and Mel, the series clearing the path for Jack and Mel to have one child together and for this experience to be special for them is excellent.

But outside of that, this is so messed up! It actually felt like they were redeeming Charmaine, and now they’ve dropped this bombshell to disrupt Jack’s life.

Jack: I’m so proud of you.
Ricky: Thanks, I’m just really stressed out.I feel like a coward.

It’s a great cliffhanger to leave on, even if most of us suspected this from day one. There is so much delicious drama they can delve into after this, and I’m dying to see it through when the series returns.

Over to you, Virgin River Fanatics. Let’s discuss that engagement, the paternity news, Charmaine’s deception, all of it!

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