What to Watch: Naomi, Peacemaker, Archive 81

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There is so much excitement coming this week.

There are several new series coming your way and a boatload of returns.

Read on to find out what we suggest you watch this week!

WTW Jan 8

Saturday, January 8

A Discovery of Witches (Shudder/AMC+)

Diana and Matthew’s story is coming to an end!

Before they go, they’ll use the pending arrival of their twins, who will be witch, vampire, or some sort of a hybrid, to try changing the rules of The Covenant.

As you can imagine, that’s not going to go over well, but The Congregation might have a few tricks up its sleeve, too!

8/7c Labor, Lies and Murder (Lifetime)

A mother’s first instinct is to protect her child, and Hailey is about to find that out the hard way.

After hiring a mysterious doula in the twilight hour of her pregnancy for a home birth, a new mom discovers that this doula is sadistic and sketchy, to say the least.

But will she be able to prevent this woman from taking her baby?

Sunday, January 9

8:30/7:30c Pivoting (FOX)

Pivoting is a single-camera comedy about how we deal with life, death, and all the crazy things that happen in between. Set in a small, middle-class town in Long Island, NY, the series follows three women – and close-knit childhood friends – as they cope with the death of the fourth member of their group.

When faced with the reality that life is short, these women pivot, and alter their current paths, by way of a series of impulsive, ill-advised, and self-indulgent decisions. These pivots will strengthen their bond and prove it’s never too late to screw up your life in the pursuit of happiness.

We’ve seen the first few episodes, and it was worth some laughs. The ladies, especially, will get a kick out of it.

9/8c Dexter: New Blood (Showtime)

Kurt is gone, but Dexter’s problems are far from over. Angela grows even more suspicious as she investigates the house fire. Will she uncover the truth about Dexter and live to tell it?

How will Harrison deal with the knowledge that his father is a serial killer? It’s a jam-packed episode featuring plenty of surprises and spine-tingling suspense!

Will this be the definitive end of the Dexter franchise we know and love? Or is it the start of something new?

Find out on the shocking finale of Dexter: New Blood!

9/8c NCIS: Los Angeles (CBS)

While on her secret mission, Kensi is abducted.

The NCIS team scrambles to find her after she is attacked and kidnapped by a mysterious militia group.

This occurs while she is helping a group of migrants cross the border.

8/9c Power Book II: Ghost (Starz)

Tariq is down bad.

With his back against the wall, it’s imperative for him to find out who he can and can’t trust.

Meanwhile, Monet has to deal with Lorenzo’s arrival, and what that means for the future of her family. And her future with Mecca.

10/9c The Rookie (ABC)

Steven must go down!

Bailey’s abusive husband is Nolan’s #1 problem, and he’ll do whatever it takes, enlisting the team’s help with proving he set Bailey up and locking him away again.

And if it requires the assistance of a quirky criminal Nolan put away, then so be it.

Monday, January 10

8/7c 9-1-1: Lone Star

The thrilling two-part premiere concluded, and there are so many things we need to know!

Mateo and Judd must rush against time to rescue Paul and a young woman from a building collapse. Marjan must recover from an icy accident.

And all you Tarlos shippers can bask in more angst when T.K.’s life is in peril AGAIN after a frigid rescue has him battling hyperthermia. Maybe it’ll put an end to the cold war between Carlos and T.K. from their mysterious breakup mid-season.

9/8c The Cleaning Lady (FOX)

We are in love with FOX’s new show, The Cleaning Lady already! Thony’s journey is just beginning in the quest to save her ailing son.

Thony tries to cut ties with the mob when the FBI questions her and her sister, but then she needs Arman’s help again as Luca’s condition worsens.

Arman shows how cutthroat he is when some of his guns go missing, and he has 24 hours to find the thief. How deep will Thony go?


10/9c Ordinary Joe (NBC)

Rockstar Joe learns about Amy being pregnant with Bobby’s baby and reacts badly, while Gwen tries to intervene. Can Joe and Amy’s marriage be saved?

Rockstar Joe bonds even more with Zeke and sings the national anthem at a football game.

Nurse Joe and Jenny both receive good news. Will it push them together or pull them further apart?

Tuesday, January 11

9/8c Naomi (The CW)

There’s a new superhero on the scene!

Naomi is a typical 16-year-old girl, navigating the highs and lows of high school, until a chaotic incident rocks her town and makes her question her entire existence.

The CW loves a good superhero show, and this one fits in well with the other entries. It’s got heart, and the pilot is a hell of a lot of fun! Don’t miss it!

10/9c New Amsterdam (NBC)

You can take the Max out of America, but you can’t take the American out of Max.

While Helen thrives and overcomes obstacles running an NHS Hampstead clinic, Max searches for a job and new purpose in London, and Max maxs it up.

Meanwhile, Wilder continues to carry New Amsterdam on her back as the only one who just might rid us of freaking Fuentes!

10/9c FBI: Most Wanted

Hunters and prey are a tale as old as time.

The team must race against time to capture a twisted man who hunts his victims for sport.

Can we expect some ship bait? New roomies Hana and Ortiz get to know each other better when Hana confides something personal from her past to him.

Wednesday, January 12

Cheer (Netflix)

The surprise hit of 2020 is tumbling its way back onto our screens for another season.

After an explosive wave of fame and shocking revelations, Cheer Season 2 follows the team as they deal with new challenges and the fallout of the scandal. How will the truth about their former teammate affect their time together?

Has fame changed their mindset about cheerleading? Is their heart still in the game? And with Trinity Valley working hard against them to win the championship, will Navarro come out victorious? We can’t wait to see how this turns out.

10/9c Chicago PD (NBC)

And it’s Atwater’s time for some focus, and we’ll finally get to check back in with his personal arc and new relationship we haven’t caught up with since early in the season.

He makes a decision about the woman he’s been dating, but first, he goes undercover in a drug ring based on intel from Voight’s informant.

Do you think it’s that feisty new informant we’ve been dying to see again? We’ll have to wait to find out!

Thursday, January 13

Peacemaker (HBO Max)

There’s no ‘i’ in “peace,” but there is one in “this trailer might be inappropriate for certain audiences.”

So watch with caution because this is the red-band trailer! I haven’t seen any of The Suicide Squad-related movies, so Peacemaker is nobody to me. Well, he was.

John Cena stars in this wackadoodle and profane series that comes in hot and never stops. Cena is hilarious in the role, and Eagly is the best mascot ever.

Star Trek: Prodigy (Paramount+)

After the Trekkiest of Trek homages, where does Prodigy set course for next?

Will the mystery of the Protostar’s origins finally come to light? Will Hologram Janeway find a way to access her lost memory banks? What will we learn of the ship’s previous Starfleet crew?

This week we meet one of Dal’s mentors and when they try to pull a fast one under the cover of Federation business, protocols leap into action!

Hold onto your com badges, viewers! With only five new episodes coming at you before the next hiatus, expect the unexpected and prepare for adventures we have never experienced before!

8/7c The Blacklist (NBC)

The death of a professional tennis player leads the Task Force to a doctor who may be fixing the odds for a major sports betting syndicate.

Red digs deeper in Dembe’s betrayal.

Ressler struggles with sobriety.

Friday, January 14

Archive 81 (Netflix)

There is a lot to love about this new sci-fi mystery series from Netflix. The cast is great, and the story, while sometimes feeling familiar, offers an entertaining and invested tale that drags you in and doesn’t let go.

Here’s the official scoop, but it doesn’t do the series justice!

“As a video archivist investigates the secrets behind a mysterious fire, he becomes convinced he can save a young woman from the terrifying fate she met 25 years ago.”

After Life (Netflix)

It’s the final season of After Life and Tony (Ricky Gervais) is still desperately mourning the loss of his wife, Lisa.

Will he ever truly embrace the future if he can’t let go of the past?

I can’t spoil anything about the series finale, but when the season starts, Tony is worse than he’s been in a while, and it’s going to take a miracle for him to find his way back to life.

8/7c RuPaul’s Drag Race (VH1)

The Werk Room has never felt sweeter. Especially when there’s $100,000 on the line!

The first crop of seven new drag queens have already settled in and sized up their opponents. Games were played, but now it’s time for the remaining batch to show their stuff.

Who will dominate the next Maxi Challenge? Who will get dealt a one-way ticket home?

9/8c Ray Donovan: The Movie (Showtime)

Ray Donovan: The Movie picks up where season seven left off, with Mickey in the wind and Ray determined to find and stop him before he can cause any more carnage.

The film also weaves together the present-day fallout from the Donovan/Sullivan feud with Ray and Mickey’s origin story from 30 years ago.

This is the end you needed, but will it be the end you wanted? You’ll have to watch to find out.

9/8c Magnum P.I. (CBS)

A nun hires Magnum and Higgins to investigate a mysterious and large cash donation made to a parishioner undergoing medical treatment at the church.

Jin’s new dog-walking business takes a dramatic turn.

Rick nervously prepares to reconnect with Suzy.

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