‘Wheel of Fortune’ Fans Annoyed After Contestant Wins With Technically

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Wheel of Fortune is a show usually known for being a stickler for the rules, but viewers noticed a gaffe on Thursday’s episode that slipped by host Pat Sajak.

The minor error came during the final regulation puzzle when contestant Steven Page solved the puzzle “Quality Craftsmanship.” However, fans at home were quick to point out that Page missed out an “s” in his pronunciation, instead saying “craftmanship,” making his answer technically incorrect.

“The man on Wheel of Fortune today shouldn’t have won. The last puzzle he said, “Quality craftmanship. He missed the “s” is craftsmanship. You can hear it if you listen closely. He should have gotten the buzz and the lady beside him should have gotten it,” tweeted one fan.

Page bagged $9,000 for solving the puzzle, which was enough to help him narrowly beat out contestant Christina Maril and advance to the bonus round. Some viewers felt that the money should have gone to contestant Lisa Volivitch, who would have likely been rewarded had Page’s answer been deemed incorrect.

“Lisa deserves another $9k, as she would have got that on the next turn,” wrote one viewer.

Given the show’s usual strictness, some fans felt like there was a lack of consistency. For example, the “and” rule in the crossword puzzle round has been a constant source of controversy since its introduction in 2016. When contestants answer, they are not allowed to say “and” before the last word on the list, despite it being such a common thing to do.

While the recent episode frustrated some viewers, Maril and Volivitch didn’t seem too upset by their experience on the show, as both contestants earned themselves some money. Page, meanwhile, was unable to solve the bonus puzzle, but he did walk away as champion for the night, regardless of what Twitter thought about his win.

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