‘Yellowstone’: 13 Most Badass Beth & Rip Lines, Ranked

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No one has better lines in Yellowstone than Beth Dutton and Rip Wheeler. Kelly Reilly and Cole Hauser‘s characters are a couple of spitfires who literally won’t hesitate to toss a snake into a cooler just to throw it at you later. In Yellowstone‘s world of tough ones, these two have the most bite.

In Yellowstone Season 5, the newly married Beth and Rip will show their softer sides, but only to each other. Just because they’re each other’s sweet spot doesn’t mean they don’t spew some fiery words at their spouse time and again. In fact, it’s playful banter for them at this point.

Here, we rank our favorite badass Beth and Rip lines from across the seasons.

Yellowstone, Sundays, 8/7c, Paramount Network

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