Savvy Sleuth Tracks Down a Murderer In Snappy Sports Mystery

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Two in the Head by CK Laurence

What’s it About?

A Superstar Wide Receiver is toppled from his throne when he is (perhaps falsely) accused of a double homicide.

It’s no coincidence that the public and the media are drawn to high-profile criminal cases when a major sports figure is involved. 

As it turns out, so are readers. Co-authors C.K. Laurence and Jerry Lyons no doubt were aware of this phenomenon when they wrote a snappy murder mystery that centers around a famous but fictitious football player of the Miami Demons, Ron Ramirez. The book is called Two in the Head.

The fascination continues when lots of money is involved. How, many may wonder, does a young man who seemingly has everything – everything, that is, that a $40 million contract can buy – gets mixed up with seedy people and high-stakes crimes that stand to jeopardize it all.

As the story begins, Ramirez is charged with a double murder after leaving a South Beach club. While it appears early on that his buddy JoJo is the killer, it is Ramirez who is arrested and whose fingerprints are found on the murder weapon.

Ricky Burns, a streetwise private investigator and former New York City detective, is brought into the case, assisting Ramirez’s attorney Jay Kirshman. Ricky is a go-getter who does his job well, digs up witnesses, and basically is the kind of professional you want on your side. That he develops a love interest in Kirshman’s assistant adds some spice to the narrative.

One writes from his own experience, and the story couldn’t be more authentic given Lyons’ background. Like his protagonist Ricky Burns, Lyons is a retired New York City detective-turned-private-investigator who was involved in some high-profile cases of his own, including the murder case several years ago of New England Patriots player Aaron Hernandez. The co-author’s knowledge rings loud and clear as the story unfolds.

While the plot seems to be heading for an inevitable conclusion, the authors throw a twist in at the end that will surely have readers dropping their jaws and asking themselves what just happened. It’s that shocking.For a swift, easy, fun read that juxtaposes a famous celebrity in a wild town with beautiful people with the seedy side of life on the street, with people doing what they have to do to get buy, whether criminal or not, then check out Two in the Head. Ricky Burns is a character you will like – and here’s hoping there’s more on the way featuring this savvy sleuth.


About the author:

C.K. Laurence is known for her unusual desire to do “one of everything” before she leaves this world. She’s close to her goal. She’s been a legal assistant, a high school teacher, a director’s assistant in movies and commercials, had a radio show, created Claudia’s Kitchen (which she says had the best cookies, cakes and pies ever baked), worked in politics on Gubernatorial, House, Senate and Presidential campaigns (including driving in motorcades) and finally, an author. 


Jerry Lyons is a retired First Grade Detective from New York City where he worked in the Major Case Unit investigating murder and rape cases. He received numerous medals, including the Combat Cross, one of the highest awards given. Because of his love for investigations, after leaving the police force he became a Private Investigator. For the past fifteen years he’s been involved on the winning side of some of the most high-profile cases in the country such as Casey Anthony, Aaron Hernandez and Gary Giordano. He’s always on the winning side.

Two in the Head by CK Laurence

Publish Date: 4/5/2023

Author: CK Laurence

Page Count: 222 pages

ISBN: 9798390179550

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