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Dual (2022)

Dual – Genero: Ciencia Ficcion, Thriller Pais: USA Duración: 95 minutos Director: Riley Stearns Guion: Riley Stearns Reparto: Karen Gillan, Aaron Paul, Beulah Koale, Andrei Alén, Theo James, Kristofer Gummerus, Maija Paunio, June Hyde, Donat BalajVALORACION: – RESEÑA: Al recibir un diagnóstico terminal, Sarah opta por un procedimiento de clonación …

Against I Addresses Broken Relationships With “You And I”

Adrian Halen 05/21/2022 Music “You And I” is the latest single from Against I. Featuring 4 tracks and guest vocals by the rising star, J:dead. This new EP take a different turn compared to the other Against I tracks, still dark but a bit more mellow. When asked about the …

5 Deadly Proms More Exciting Than Yours

Is this what schools need gymnasiums for? Prom season is that special time of year where kids put on formal wear and take awkward photos. This rite of passage is a special time of year that quite a few horror movies will have you also believe is the perfect time …

Taking A Bite Out Of Horror [Panic Fest 2022 Capsule

had Collins rounds up five of his favorite short films from the 2022 festival. This year’s Panic Fest is replete with subversive gems and short films of all kinds. The sheer variety is worth a look for horror fans, with short films especially tackling relevant issues all the while being …

Three Thousand Years of Longing es el nuevo film de

El director de Mad Max: Fury Road, George Miller, vuelve con su nueva película Three Thousand Years of Longing (Tres mil años de anhelo), y el tráiler oficial ha llegado. Three Thousand Years of Longing se estrena en los cines el 31 de agosto de 2022. El tráiler nos muestra …

How ‘Scream 6’ Could Hold Hank Loomis Accountable

Could Billy’s dad make an appearance in the next ‘Scream’ film? Sidney Prescott may be the face of the Scream franchise. But Maureen Prescott has always been at the heart of its tragic lore. Diehard Scream fans know Maureen’s story oh so well—at least, its thinly veiled surface. We’ve heard …

Two Witches, la maldición de dos brujas se estrena en

Las brujas no mueren antes de dejar su legado. Tras su paso por festivales, Two Witches, la ópera prima de Pierre Tsigaridis, ha sido adquirida por Arrow Films para su distribución en Estados Unidos, Canadá, Reino Unido e Irlanda. La película se estrenó internacionalmente en el Festival de Cine de …

Pahanhautoja (Hatching) (2022)

Pahanhautoja – Genero: Terror Pais: Finlandia, Suecia Duración: 109 minutos Director: Hanna Bergholm Guion: Matt Sazama, Burk Sharpless. Cómic: Gil Kane, Roy ThomasReparto: Jani Volanen, Siiri Solalinna, Sophia Heikkilä, Saija Lentonen, Reino Nordin, Oiva Ollila, Stella Leppikorpi, Ida Määttänen, Hertta Karen, Miroslava AgejevaVALORACION: – RESEÑA: En HATCHING, Tinja (Siiri Solalinna), …

Screaming On A Budget: Why Horror Needs Independent Film

Everyone say thank you to indie horror. Horror and independent cinema have a deep and intertwined history since the genre often exists outside of the traditional studio system. While promoting his newest film X, Ti West told The Daily Beast that “Horror and porn, certainly in the ’70s, have this …

*TRAILER DEBUT* Peter Strickland’s Intoxicating Gonzo Delicacy FLUX GOURMET |

Adrian Halen 05/21/2022 News Written and Directed by Peter Strickland(Duke of Burgundy, In Fabric, Berberian Sound Studio)Starring Asa Butterfield, Gwendoline Christie, Ariane Labed, Fatma Mohamed, Makis Papadimitriou, Richard Bremmer and Leo Bill OFFICIAL TRAILER NOW AVAILABLEIN SELECT THEATERS AND ON DIGITAL / VOD JUNE 24 SynopsisA sonic collective who can’t decide …

10 of the Scariest Witches in Horror History [Video]

Double, double, toil and trouble. The witch is an iconic horror figure, especially if she has a giant pointy hat and green skin. Bonus points if there’s a mole on her nose. This image is prevalent in children’s books and horror movies aimed at younger audiences. But witches are much …

A Strange Door Was Just Found On Mars—Where Did It

Is this a standard geological formation? Or something alien? This week on Dread: The Unsolved, we look at the claims of a mysterious door appearing in photos from Mars. Is it a standard geological formation? Or something more devious? Read The Full Article Here

Rebecca Hall se desvive por la paranoia en ‘Resurrection’

Uno de los títulos más populares de Sundance de este año fue Resurrection, del guionista y director Andrew Semans, un impactante thriller de terror con excelente Rebecca Hall. El nuevo teaser que se muestra a continuación muestra lo intensas que serán las cosas para el personaje de Hall. Rezuma un …

‘Aliens, Clowns & Geeks’: Richard and Danny Elfman Return With

Get ready to blast off. Are you a fan of outrageous cult mayhem? How about the undeniable madness of Forbidden Zone, the Richard Elfman sci-fi-camp cornucopia starring Danny Elfman? Then you’re in luck, because next month sees the arrival of Aliens, Clowns & Geeks, the latest vision of insanity from …

‘Torn Hearts’ Actor Katey Sagal Talks Becoming A Country Star

This was Katey Sagal’s first horror movie. Brea Grant’s new film Torn Hearts is a scathing look at internalized misogyny drenched in pink and set to a pop-country soundtrack. It’s brutal, it’s fun, and it stars the incredible Katey Sagal as Harper Dutch, a reclusive country star with a dark …

Prey: ¡La franquicia ‘Predator’ vuelve el 5 de agosto!

La franquicia Predator regresa este verano con la precuela Prey. 20th Century Studios ha revelado que la película llegará a Hulu el 5 de agosto de 2022. El primer teaser tráiler oficial de Prey presenta a los héroes y también anuncia el regreso de uno de los monstruos cinematográficos más …

Brainhunter New Breed 1987 featuring “Gigi” from The Sopranos

Adrian Halen 05/06/2022 News Robert previously shot a short with the Brainhunter concept which caught attention across the Globe. The short won a few awards. He wanted to take the opportunity to make Brainhunter something more. We shot this feature in 9 days throughout Syracuse, Cicero & Watertown, NY with …
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