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Bachelor Drama! Cassidy Says ‘Go F**k Yourself Clayton Echard’ After

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This season of The Bachelor picked up its first villain storyline in full force during Monday night’s episode, and leading man Clayton Echard is (part of) the focus of her wrath!

It’s not just on air, either. On Monday evening, simultaneous to the show’s airing on ABC, fans of the reality TV juggernaut started picking up on contentious old social media videos from villain Cassidy Timbrooks.

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In several recently-resurfaced social media videos from December 31, Timbrooks slams unnamed men as “clout chasers” and alludes cynically to her then-upcoming opportunity on The Bachelor. And more to the point, she directs some of her anger at Clayton himself in a more recent social media clip, calling him out for what she considered slut shaming over her (presumable) early departure from the series.

The reality TV newcomer says to the camera at one point in the first late December clip:

“I love getting ready for dates nowadays because it’s literally just me in the mirror, like, ‘wait a second, if this man should be so f**king lucky.’ And then I remember that wait a second, even though I’m about to be on national television, men still treat me like s**t. But that’s OK, that’s all right, because it is not for long, not for f**king long.”

Whoa! She’s going in!

And Timbrooks continues on from there, making one of the cardinal sins of Bachelor Nation fame: don’t give up the gig when it comes to talking about post-show opportunities!

The 26-year-old executive assistant said:

“Anyways, I think I’m gonna be a great influencer. I feel like I’m really entertaining. You’re entertained, right? You would buy anything I’m selling you, right? Even if it’s complete bull s**t? I think so. Don’t answer that. It’s yes. I mean, it’s pretty obvious.”

Eeeeeeeeek! Can’t act like you’re not there for the right reasons even before you get on the f**king show! Right?!

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She concluded that first video there, first saying this:

“Long story short, go ahead and get on national television. Men still won’t give a f**k. Oh, and the clout chasers back in the DMs, now you give a s**t? Now you give a s**t? OK. Anyways. I’ve seen this episode.”

And then doubling down on it before logging off from that first late 2021 set of clips:

“Men are trash. You know, the more I think about it, perhaps I was being a little bit hasty when I said, ‘All men are trash.’ I mean, all men aren’t trash, just… No, all men are trash. I said what the f**k I said. Goodnight.”

OK then!

Things took a turn on Monday, when Cassidy was shown talking to fellow contestant Sierra Jackson in that new ep of the show and explained she’d been FaceTiming with another guy while waiting in the hotel for Clayton’s season to begin.

Sierra subsequently told the 28-year-old show lead about Cassidy’s situation and “side piece” before Monday night’s episode ended on a cliffhanger. We don’t know yet if Timbrooks was eliminated — the show ended abruptly and teased Clayton’s decision for next week.

But in a second resurfaced social media clip, Cassidy also slammed Clayton for his apparent double standard in initially keeping fellow contestant Salley Carson around after being engaged up until several weeks before the show but… cutting Timbrooks? Like we said, her elimination (or not?) isn’t official yet. But judging by what Cassidy had to say (below), it doesn’t seem as though that would be in question any more:

“I realize that I am normally being dramatic, but you were gonna give [Salley Carson] a rose even though she was engaged last week. Meanwhile, I f**ked someone a few months ago and I got sent home. OK. No, it’s cool. No, I get it. I get it. I get what we’re made of here. I get the stuff that’s happening and go f**k yourself Clayton Echard.”

WTF?! Did she just spoil her own elimination??

Here are the two videos in question (below):


Guess we’ll see what goes down next Monday night!

What do U think, Perezcious readers??

[Image via Cassidy Timbrooks/Clayton Echard/Instagram]

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