Grind in a ‘Pile of Moolah’ With Ghost’s New Song

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“Twenties,” the third single from Ghost‘s forthcoming new album, Impera, has just been released.

The track is one that mastermind Tobias Forge had described in an interview with Kerrang! as, “Slayer meets some sort of Missy Elliott thing.” Fans can hash out that debate on their own, but what can be said in absolute terms is that the Ghost visionary has again widened the parameter’s of the bands sound with a nervous energy in play — doom-laden and teetering between orchestral bombast and spooky minimalism.

Listen to the newest Impera offering further down the page and read the lyrics, which mention “grinding in a pile of moolah” and “Ivy League dopes,” in what appears to be a message rooted in some topical themes, especially considering that we already know one other new song, “Grift Wood,” is about former U.S. Vice President Mike Pence.

Speaking about the new record’s concept last fall, Forge told KLAQ, “The album that I have been working on, I came up with that concept years ago. We played in Seattle in 2013, 2014 — something like that — we played at Showbox At The Market. I remember that day I came up with the idea for this record, this upcoming record. Because I got a book called ‘The Rule of Empires.’ So, basically, I wanted to make a record about the rise and ultimately the unescapable fails and falls of empires.”

“An idea like that can take — at least me — quite far,” he continued, “So once you get that idea of, like, ‘Oh, now I know what the pile is gonna look like. I know now what not to put in there.’ And it was the same thing with Prequelle; it was gonna be about the great death, a medieval, primordial threat of annihilation which was, I guess I wouldn’t say carnal but maybe a tiny tad more spiritual and philosophical death, with the ever presence of actual termination, whereas this record about the empires was gonna be a little bit more practical, I guess; a little bit more, I don’t wanna say political. So it wasn’t really hard to be inspired by the last couple of years.”

Impera will be released on March 11 and pre-orders can be placed here.

Ghost, “Twenties” Lyrics (via Genius)

Listen up, hatchet man
Send controls for the heart of the land
Kill em all
It is time
You’re the next in the chain of command

Apparition (apparition)
Direct their course for collision
Suspicion (suspicion)
For their act to come to fruition

In the Twenties (Twenties)
We’ll be singing in a rain of pennies
In the Twenties (Twenties)
We’ll be soaring in the skies of Bennies
In the Twenties (Twenties)
Wе’ll be smooching at the feet of the rulеr
In the Twenties (Twenties)
We’ll be grinding in a pile of moolah

Listen up, you motherfuckers
Those Ivy League dopes, they want to mock us
Tell em all
This is war
And not fighting a war is for suckers
Assassinate (assassinate)
Gather the tombs to disintegrate
Hate (hate)
Raping the seas as a reprobate

I’m number one, you’re number two
You’ve got a lot of God’s work to do

In the Twenties (Twenties)
We’ll be singing in a rain of pennies
In the Twenties (Twenties)
We’ll be soaring in the skies of Bennies
In the Twenties (Twenties)
We’ll be taking no shit from the chulas
We’ll be grabbing them all by the hoo-ha
In the Twenties (Twenties)
We’ll be dancing in the fields of freedom
In the Twenties (Twenties)
We’ll be crushing them all, cause we don’t need em
In the Twenties
In the Twenties (Twenties)
All the way to the thirties

In the Twenties (Twenties)
We’ll be singing in a rain of pennies
In the Twenties (Twenties)
We’ll be soaring in the skies of Bennies
We’ll be smooching at the feet of the ruler
In the Twenties (Twenties)
We’ll be grinding in a pile of moolah

Ghost, “Twenties”

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