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On Thursday night (Sept. 7), Maria Brink and Chris Howorth of In This Moment joined Loudwire Nights to discuss their upcoming record, Godmode, set for release on Oct. 27.

The first taste of Godmode that In This Moment have given fans is “The Purge” and Howorth and Brink are confident this is a good representation of what to expect from the rest of the album.

“That intensity and angst [on ‘The Purge’], it’s not on every single song, but it’s definitely in the album as a whole,” Howorth explained to host Chuck Armstrong. “There was more organic angst and intensity—you know, we’re back with all these feelings and the album has that. And there’s more screaming than any album we put out since Blood.”

Brink concurred with Howorth’s thoughts, simply adding, “It’s exciting. [We] tried new things.”

Godmode will be In This Moment’s eighth full-length album and their first since 202’s Mother; it’s obvious Howorth and Brink find a lot of encouragement and excitement in the fact that they are able to still try new things this deep into their career.

“We love our fans,” Brink said, giving the In This Moment family all the credit for why the band is able to continue exploring new sounds, rhythms and time signatures.

“Some days, you don’t know what you’re doing. You don’t wake up feeling cool. You don’t wake up everyday thinking, ‘Yeah, I’m cool.’ You just wonder. We suffer from doubts, worrying about if [we’re] relevant. So when the fans show up to the shows and they listen to the songs and they get excited with us, they fill us with this beautiful feeling. They make us feel confident and they make us feel like somebody cares and we matter…we’re really lucky.”

In This Moment Prepare For Kiss of Death Tour With Ice Nine Kills + More

In addition to diving deep into Godmode and “The Purge,” Brink and Howorth talked about what it was like working with Spencer Charnas on the new song, “Damaged” and why they wanted to tour with Ice Nine Kills this fall.

“We wanted to collaborate in some form,” Brink said about getting connected to Charnas and Ice Nine Kills. “I think that they’re really talented and they’re doing a lot of exciting things and pushing boundaries in their show. We love theatrical visuals and their show comes to life in such a wonderful, spectacular way.”

Brink admitted to Chuck that she hopes Charnas will join In This Moment onstage during their tour to perform “Damaged.”

“We’re really excited and I think people are going to really love this. I’m excited for everyone to see it and hopefully we’ll play it together on the tour.”

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In addition to Ice Nine Kills, In This Moment will be joined by Avatar and New Year’s Day for the Kiss of Death tour that kicks off on Nov. 3 in Gary, Indiana.

“It’s all intentional,” Brink confirmed. “It’s just going to be this night of performing arts, visually—all the senses. All the bands are beautiful in their different ways and the ways that they present themselves. But they all really do care about that attention to detail to the visuals at this spectacular level. I think fans are going to have a pretty, pretty exciting time … It’s going to be a special tour.”

What Else Did In This Moment’s Maria Brink and Chris Howorth Discuss on Loudwire Nights?

  • Who their dream collaborations would be and why Howorth has maybe already worked with his dream artist: “It’s so damn cool. It’s hard for me to say anyone else.”
  • What inspired the angst and intensity of “The Purge”
  • Why the band needed a purge for themselves while creating Godmode

Listen to the Full Interview in the Podcast Player Below

Maria Brink and Chris Howorth joined Loudwire Nights on Thursday, Sept. 7; the show replays online here, and you can tune in live every weeknight at 7PM ET or on the Loudwire app; you can also see if the show is available on your local radio station and listen to interviews on-demand. Stream “The Purge” at this location and then check out In This Moment’s full tour schedule.

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