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With Johnny and Ben out of captivity and Ciara about to have her baby, the Devil story looks like it’s nearing its climax.

Spoilers for Days of Our Lives during the week of 5-02-22 suggest that Ben is going to race against time to find Ciara before a possessed Allie can get her hands on their baby. Could this be the beginning of the end for Salem’s resident demon?

Spoilers for the Week of 5-02-22 - Days of Our Lives

This Devil story wore out its welcome a while ago. Possessing Marlena was a throwback to the past for those who enjoy that sort of story, but now it’s dragged on to the point of ridiculousness.

The Devil’s ability to jump into anyone without them even having to make a deal to give over their soul has become a joke. Even if the Devil is exorcised from Allie now, how can we trust that it’s truly gone?

But since the Devil’s plan appeared to be to get Ciara to conceive a baby that it could steal from her, and Ciara is almost ready to deliver, this story HAS to be near its end.

Fortunately, that’s far from the only thing going on in Salem during the week of 5-02-22.

According to clips from the spoiler video, there’s movement on many fronts.

We’re finally going to get some fallout from the double wedding disaster, with Abigail and Jennifer confronting Gwen about her claim to have killed Laura and Leo swearing he’ll get revenge on Chad and Sonny for ruining his happily ever after with Craig.

Eli’s going to open his eyes, too, and for some reason, TR will be the first one to get the news. Let’s hope that TR doesn’t show up at the hospital with a pillow in hand, ready to put Eli back into that coma. 

Please scroll down to check out all of the spoilers for Days of Our Lives during the week of 5-02-22.

Chanel Learns the Truth - Days of Our Lives

Chanel is stunned when she learns the truth about Johnny.

This should be interesting.

Chanel never made a real choice between Johnny and Allie. The Devil destroyed both of those relationships before they got too far.

So now, at least one of her two lovers has been un-Deviled, which gives Chanel the chance to decide whether she wants a relationship with the real Johnny. This triangle is far from over, but at least it’ll be on equal footing once the Devil is out of the picture.

Ben Is Frantic - Days of Our Lives

A frantic Ben and Jake seek Marlena’s help to find Ciara.

I’m not sure what Marlena can do. She doesn’t remember 90 percent of her time with the Devil and doesn’t have any inkling into what the demon is doing now.

But maybe she can help Ben calm down enough to think about where the Devil must have taken Ciara.

Since every time Ciara disappears, she ends up imprisoned at the Horton Cabin, this shouldn’t be too hard to figure out.

Rafe Offers Advice - Days of Our Lives

Rafe offers advice to a surprisingly vulnerable EJ.

EJ must be in horrible shape if he’s willing to take advice from Rafe.

And what does Rafe have to offer him? It’s true that Rafe was once imprisoned and replaced with an evil doppelganger that threw Nicole’s mother down the stairs, but that hardly makes him an expert on EJ’s situation with Johnny.

Still, having these two men talk as friends instead of as mortal enemies is a nice change of pace.

Allie Tries to Keep Ciara From Her Loved Ones  / Tall - Days of Our Lives

Possessed Allie attempts to keep Ciara from her loved ones.

Ciara was beginning to catch on that something was wrong with Allie while they were driving to the cabin, but her attempt to deal with it has been underwhelming.

Will Ciara fully realize that Allie is possessed before it’s too late?

And even if she does, what can she do about it? The Devil likes to supernaturally lock all the doors when it feels like holding someone captive. It also seems to have superhuman strength.

The only thing Ciara has going for her here is that the Devil wants her baby, so it’ll probably refrain from harming her until after she gives birth.

Leo Vows Revenge - Days of Our Lives

Leo vows revenge on Chad and Sonny.

Like many Salemites before him, Leo fell in love with the person he was trying to scam.  Unfortunately, that wasn’t enough for Craig when he learned the whole truth.

Revenge seems to soothe broken hearts in Salem, but it won’t get Leo what he wants: a second chance with Craig.

Craig’s supposed to leave town after being humiliated, so reconciliation is out of the question for now. And unfortunately, Leo’s schemes are not likely to change that.

Chloe is Dismayed - Days of Our Lives

Chloe is dismayed when she runs into Nancy and her date.

Now that Chloe has destroyed her father’s new relationship, she’s going to set her sights on her mother’s.

To be fair, Clyde is a bad guy with a horrible reputation, far worse than Leo, whose worst crime was blackmailing Sonny into marriage once.

Still, though, Nancy isn’t likely to appreciate Chloe’s interference in her love life any more than Craig did, so this will probably lead nowhere except to Chloe crying on Brady’s shoulder about her parents’ horrible dating choices.

Eli Awakens - Days of Our Lives

Lani receives a miracle.

Eli is going to wake up.

Will he remember that TR is the one who shot him? And just as importantly, will he be able to share that truth before TR finds a way to silence him permanently?

Everyone in the hospital gets smothered with a pillow or poisoned through their IV, so it’s not looking good for Eli. But maybe Days of Our Lives will surprise us.

Ciara Goes Into Labor - Days of Our Lives

Ciara goes into labor, and “Allie” helps deliver the baby…

The Devil probably makes Ciara go into premature labor, either supernaturally or by causing her all this stress.

Either way, they’re alone at the Horton Cabin, making it easy for a possessed Allie to get ahold of the baby.

Ironically, Ben put Abigail in the same situation when Thomas was born. But I have no doubt he’ll be the one to save the day this time.

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