Hunters Season 2 Episode 2 Review: Buenos Aires

master mentalism tricks

It is time to get the band back together because Hitler is on the menu.

Jonah and Millie focus on getting the hunters back together so that they can hunt down Hitler on Hunters Season 2 Episode 2.

On Hunters Season 2 Episode 1, we only focused on the lives of two hunters and got a rough idea of where the third one is.

L - Sister Harriet - Hunters Season 2 Episode 2

Jonah knows hunting and stalking a single Nazi and then killing him is easier than tracking down Hitler.

I mean, it’s not that hard to follow and overpower older men and women who, despite being quite dangerous, have now become weak physically and mentally and let their guards down.

Jonah - Hunters Season 2 Episode 2

Hitler’s whereabouts would not be easy to find. It must be the biggest and most guarded secret by those who still like him and sympathize with his misguided cause.

Finding Millie would be easier than finding the rest of the team. And oh man, did Jonah get lucky.

He found her when she was very vulnerable and questioning her entire method of bringing Nazis to justice. She had just murdered a man and witnessed first-hand how unreliable the justice system can be.

Millie: You don’t really believe…
Jonah: He claimed Hitler fled Europe via ratline and was living down in South America.
Millie: And what proof did he have?
Jonah: We met the proof.
Millie: The Colonel? Bullshit.

Convincing her that Hitler was alive was not that hard of a task. Having her by his side would also legitimize his claim and help approach them because he is not their favorite person.

Sister Harriet was playing a role in Austria. That of a dedicated nanny. But her biggest target was not winning over the hearts of those sweet children. It is their father. He is dirty-minded as he is an awful human.

Millie - Hunters Season 2 Episode 2

I wish she had been subtle about murdering him because those children are scarred for life. To witness a homicide at such a young age…

Lonny’s film career was surviving. He had developed a taste for hard drugs, which might be a way to cope with not having Roxy in his life. The justification doesn’t matter because we all know that drug addicts cannot be relied upon, whether by their fault or not.

They should take him to rehab first.

Roxy had found an unconventional method to earn a living. She was painting fake Van Goughs. Too bad she is better than he was.

Roxy - Hunters Season 2 Episode 2

Mindy was waiting to be called upon. She is bored with life in New York.

Sister Harriet a delight, as usual.

Sister Harriet: What’ll it be? Suffocation? Strangulation? Skull up the a**?
Jonah: I love it when you try to flirt.

In the past, Meyer had eliminated the first threat to his identity, but he had a feeling that this was not the last person who knew who he was. If one Nazi could recognize him, many others they worked with would recognize him.

What if another one is desperate enough to try and blackmail him?

Lonny - Hunters Season 2 Episode 2

His guardian angel must have been working overtime because, in his most desperate state, Joe falls on his lap like a godsend.

Joe never stood a chance against someone like Meyer.

Meyer: I don’t stand for violence. This is a palace of invention, not destruction. And I will not employ savages…
Joe: Mr. Offerman, I can’t afford to lose another job.
Meyer: This is why I fired the three heathens who attacked you.
Joe: Sir?
Meyer: And I’m very sorry for what they did to you.

When we — and Meyer — meet Joe, he is barely hanging on. Racism is not masked then as it is now. His co-workers attack him for an accident that could very well happen to any one of them.

He was lucky to be trained in martial arts because they would have f*cked him up.

Meyer had Joe on the hook using his theatrical voice and perfect delivery of words while masking intentions. Few people would have shown him such kindness, as I’m sure he interpreted it then, least of all an older white man.

Mindy - Hunters Season 2 Episode 2

Meyer already had a bullsh*t narrative to feed him. And with one hunter in the bag, he was ready to start his act.

One of my favorite characters in the show is Travis. Yes, yes, yes, I know he’s a deranged Nazi, but he is an entertaining kind of deranged. Two years on, I haven’t gotten over the scene where he kills Tobias in Hunters Season 1.

Greg Austin does a great job with the character; it’s almost unbelievable he is our little alien prince Charlie on Doctor Who’s Class. He has always been deranged. Who tastes fifty flavors?

He knows no bounds. Two good guys sneak him into Argentina, and what does he do? Kills them in cold blood. There was zero chance those could clock him.]

With the hunters back together sans Joe, they didn’t waste any time starting their mission to find Hitler. But to get to Hitler, they had to find The Colonel; before finding the Colonel, they must find people who knew her.

Chava - Hunters Season 2 Episode 2

Who’s better than a high-ranking Argentinian official?

Hitler might be Jonah’s biggest problem, but another one was coming for him out of Paris. His fiancée had sensed quite early on then he might be lying to her. It doesn’t take a genius to figure out what she might think about finding an address and a girl’s name on her fiancé’s notepad.

Travis arrived at Hitler’s residence and was met at the gate by Joe. What did The Colonel do to Joe? She is not someone to be underestimated. She has old man Hitler on a leash, has managed to break Joe, and holds Travis by the balls.

I mean, I am dying to know. What did they do to you? Because you have undergone a real transformation, friend.


In a surprising turn of events, the hunters become the hunted when someone ambushes them as they try to get information from Klaus and his men.

Did you guess who that was, or were you as clueless as the rest of us?

What did you think of this episode?

Be sure to let us know in the comments section.

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