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Melody Thomas Scott is celebrating 43 years as Nikki Reed Newman on The Young and the Restless on Sunday, February 20. The actress has been pretty much anything you can think of during her epic tenure in Genoa City as Nikki, including: stripper, model, pianist, philanthropist, and CEO. But it’s Nikki’s legendary love story with the great Victor Newman (Eric Braeden) that fans love best.

TV Insider recently chatted with Thomas Scott about her anniversary, how Y&R has managed to continue on during the pandemic, how Nikki feels about her mysterious new son-in-law Ashland (Robert Newman), a possible update to her 2020 memoir Always Young and Restless and more. Read on to get the scoop from this beloved fan favorite.

Congratulations on your 43rd anniversary! What has being on Y&R meant to you and what does it continue to mean to you?

Melody Thomas Scott: Thank you! Time seems to be flying faster than ever: 43 years already?! Y&R continues to be the blessing that was bestowed upon me so many years ago. Thank you, [Y&R creators] Bill [Bell], Lee [Phillip Bell] and [also] CBS. I’m loving growing older in Genoa City!

It feels like yesterday that your 40th was celebrated on the Y&R set. The turnout was amazing. Your speech on what Y&R has meant to you was touching. How have you seen the company come together during the challenging times with COVID?

Sony [Pictures Television] has had strict protocols in place since the beginning of the pandemic. Actually, all of the industry unions involved require such action in order to allow us to continue production. We have amazing Covid coordinators working very closely with us on the set every day. We are also one of the most-tested communities in the state. Production provides us with required PCR testing once a week, though until recently it was twice a week. Additionally, we all get a rapid test every morning that we are in the studio. I think all of our cast and crew feel it is our responsibility to our company to adhere to the necessary protocols to keep Y&R on the air. Some days it might feel like an inconvenience, but we are very appreciative of these resources.

COVID prevented in-person book signings for your 2020 memoir Always Young and Restless. Were you able to connect with fans virtually?

Yes, but it wasn’t the same! My team and I were so looking forward to the fun of traveling together to so many exciting cities and meeting my amazing fans. What can I say? I have lousy timing!

Will there be a softcover release of your memoir — either with or without a new epilogue?

Goodness, Michael, I haven’t even thought about that! Should I?

Yes! Now, let’s talk story! What was Nikki’s impression of Ashland (Robert Newman)? Did she believe that he truly loves her daughter (Victoria, Amelia Heinle) and that they would make a go of their marriage?

I think Nikki was mostly enamored by Ashland. The charm just oozed out of him and Victoria was quite taken with him. What Nikki was most concerned about is Victoria’s happiness and Ashland seemed to fit the bill.

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Next week, Victor tells Nikki that evidence is mounting towards Ashland having faked his illness. Nikki will finds it difficult to believe that someone would do such a thing…however, veteran Y&R fans recall that Nikki actually once fibbed about her illness being in remission to hang onto Victor. What are the differences between that and this situation with Ashland?

Indeed, Nikki did fake a terminal disease years ago when she worried that she would lose Victor to Ashley [Eileen Davidson]! But she was still young and selfish and saw nothing wrong with this bizarre plan. Ashland is a grown man, seemingly very worldly, with many successes behind him. This sort of dishonesty would indicate the machinations of a con man rather than a desperate young wife with too much time on her hands.

Nikki’s done so much — is there any story you’d like to handle?

A dual role is still elusive to me. Any writers listening?!

Speaking of anniversaries, Y&R is set to celebrate 50 years next year. How would you like to see the show honor this magnificent milestone?

It would be wonderful if we could assemble current and former cast members for a big soiree! We had a similar event at the Four Seasons Beverly Hills for our 20th anniversary. Now THAT was a cast photo!

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