The Challenge: USA’s Azah Awasum and Cinco Holland Break Down

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The Challenge: USA has been a real breath of fresh air.

Putting competitors from four shows together has switched up the format entirely.

On The Challenge: USA Season 1 Episode 5, Azah Awasum and Cinco Holland find themselves thrown into the elimination after their performance in the daily challenge.

Azah and Cinco Elimination - The Challenge: USA

Had the pair won the daily, they would have considered who they didn’t want to be paired up with.

The algorithm has been shaking the game up like never before, and getting paired with the wrong person could get you sent home.

Azah Awasum for Challenge USA - The Challenge: USA

Cinco was thinking about further into the competition because there were certain people he didn’t want to run a final with.

From a strategic standpoint, Azah would have targeted Leo and Sarah “only because I had good relationships with everyone, but it was coming to that point in the game where you had to just turn on people.”

“I had seen Sarah’s threat level at the beginning of the game, and I knew she was a very strong female that would be difficult to beat.”

The daily challenge forced the teams to swim, something that was tough for Azah, who had a fear of water.

Cinco Holland - The Challenge: USA

Still, Azah persevered and managed to fight through her fears to complete that part.

I asked Azah whether her fear of water had changed her perception of the show and if it would stop her from signing on for a potential second season.

However, Awasum said that it helped light a fire that makes her want to go back and “this time, learn how to swim before going back.”

“It was difficult. It was hard, but I was able to push my limits. I never thought I could, so I’d love to see where I’d be able to be as a capable swimmer.”

Azah Awasum for CBS

Cinco opted not to name names at the deliberation for who they should go against, and I asked whether he still stood by that.

“I definitely do,” he said.

“I was thinking about the long run of the game. I didn’t want anybody to give a reason to have a reason to have a vendetta or have like some type of problem with me later on.”

“Why put blood on my own hands when I can just leave it up to Tyson and Cash and have them make the decision for themselves without them having to put the blame or deflected blame on anybody else?”

Azah and Cinco Compete - The Challenge: USA

“I still stick by it.”

As for who they would have wanted to be paired with next if they stayed in the game, Azah would have liked to be paired with Tyson.

“With Tyson, you win daily, so, yeah, I would’ve loved to be partnered with him next,” Azah laughed.

Cinco would have been interested in working with Angela, Alyssa, Kyra, and Justine, but he stressed it would be “no particular order.”

“Those four would’ve been great partners to win a challenge.”

What are your thoughts on the eliminations of Cinco and Azah?

The Challenge: USA continues Wednesdays at 9 p.m. on CBS.

Paul Dailly is the Associate Editor for TV Fanatic. Follow him on Twitter.

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