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‘Dead Island 2’ Gameplay Trailer Gives Us a Great Look

Dead Island 2 has been delayed a couple of times. Maybe even slightly more than a couple of times. Over the long wait the game has become one of the most anticipated. The good news is that we are finally right around the corner to seeing this ones release. The …

‘Last Shift’ Remake, ‘Malum’ Gets Terror-Filled Trailer

The New York Post reported that nearly 30 Columbian schoolgirls had to be hospitalized after collectively playing with a spirit board. The youths experienced mental distress and other cognitive impairments after the session. Jam Press Hugo Torres, head of the Galeras Educational Institution in Galeras, said “There were 28 possible …


Adrian Halen 02/25/2023 News HACKSAW SOME LEGENDS ARE TRUE A young couple on a road trip takes a detour to the site where a notorious murderer, Ed “Hacksaw” Crowe, became an urban legend on the day he was killed many years before, but they quickly find the legend may not …

‘Daughter’ Actor Vivien Ngô On The New Cult Horror Film

Corey Deshon’s feature film debut Daughter may at first appear to be another cult film where a man exerts control over the women beneath him. But, Daughter is more than that; it’s a deeply upsetting rumination of patriarchy and its toxic branches that are deeply rooted, pardon the pun, in …

OFFICIAL TRAILER: Cabin Horror THIS LAND premiering on Digital March

THIS LAND DIVIDED THEY FALL On Digital & On Demand on March 10 , 2023 Directed by: Richard Greenwood Jr. Starring: Natalie Whittle, Adam Burch, John J Pistone Distributor: Terror Films Natalie Whittle, Adam Burch and John J Pistone star in director Richard “Rick” Greenwood Jr.’s politically-skewed horror THIS LAND, …

‘Nightsiren’ Is Shocking Yet Meandering [Glasgow Film Festival 2023]

There’s something wrong in the village. Nightsiren, a ghost story about the haunting nature of gendered violence, imagines a Slovakian mountain village that recently dispatched a much-detested forest witch. However, it seems the villagers are much more influenced by the spell of misogyny than anything the witch could have conjured. …

Book Review: Insomnia

Insomnia By Kelly Covic Smashwords Publishing 58 Pages A collection of ethereal and macabre short stories to ponder- what could have been the thing that went bump in the night? SILENT SIGHS: A young couple visits a haunted house when an unanticipated melee unleashes. THE ATTIC: A young teenager realizes …

The Reading (2023)

The Reading – Genero: Thriller – Suspenso Pais: USA Duración: 96 minutos Director: Courtney Glaude Guion: Courtney Glaude Reparto: Mo’Nique, Charnele Brown, Courtney Glaude, Sara Alavi, Lisa Alavi, Chasity Sereal, Maudejanei Alero, Ian Haywood, Denisha Hardeman, Cooper Helm, Mcauley Teters, Ursula Renee, Ian Philo VALORACION: – RESEÑA: Emma Leeden (Mo’Nique), …

‘Sound Of Silence’ Exclusive Clip: Haunted Typewriters and Cries For

Coming from directing trio T3—Alessandro Antonaci, Stefano Mandalà, and Daniel Lascar—is their new haunted house horror Sound of Silence. Described as “a high-concept take in the vein of James Wan’s The Conjuring and Mike Flanagan’s Oculus“, their latest film is ready to get under your skin. Read the full synopsis: When her father is …

American Horrors & Marketing Macabre New Partnership

Over 23.5 million viewers in 3 years can’t be wrong. Marketing Macabre has teamed with Hart Fisher’s American Horrors Channels to create an opportunity for independent horror filmmakers. This is your chance to book an ad, movie trailer, or fundraising campaign and get seen by the horror public. All Night. …

Tony Timpone partners with HorrorNewsNet for SCREAMINGS Screening Series and legendary former Fangoria magazine editor Tony Timpone have formed a partnership to create the SCREAMINGS Screening Series, providing free advance showings of upcoming horror films and TV series in multiple cities. This new venture will give the horror genre a theatrical presence like never before, boasting celebrity appearances …

Clancy Brown Stars As Villain Salvatore Maroni in HBO Max’s

Can you smell that? It’s summer and fish. Both go hand in hand at the cinema during the hot weather, especially when that fish is a shark. Just ask Jason Statham. But The Meg 2: The Trench isn’t the only shark movie of 2023. Dead By Dawn: Australian Horror Film …

Actor Dawna Lee Heising Is Honored to Be Inducted into

Noted film reviewer and interviewer WorldFilmGeek interviewed actress Dawna Lee Heising on February 22, 2023. At the end of the interview, he announced that Heising would be the third inductee into his prestigious WorldFilmGeek Hall of Fame. Please check out the WorldFilmGeek interview with Heising at: “I am very excited …

‘The Unheard’ Trailer: Hear No Evil Is No Longer An

Director Jeffrey A. Brown made our skin crawl with his 2020 aquatic horror from hell The Beach House. Now, he’s back with a new kind of terror in The Unheard. Directed by Brown and written by Michael Rasmussen and Shawn Rasmussen, the geniuses behind Crawl, the new film places the …

Kompromat: El expediente ruso (2022)

Kompromat: El expediente ruso – Genero: Thriller – Drama Pais: Francia Duración: 127 minutos Director: Jérôme Salle Guion: Caryl Ferey, Jérôme Salle Reparto: Gilles Lellouche, Joanna Kulig, Michael Gorevoy, Sasha Piltsin, Mikhail Safronov VALORACION: – RESEÑA: Basado en increíbles hechos reales, el nuevo y apasionante thriller de espionaje de Jérome …

Jaron Lockridge’s Horror Film, ‘Succuba’ Available Now!

Jaron Lockridge’s horror film, Succuba starring Keith L. Johnson and Ketrick “Jazz” Copeland is now available on Tubi, Amazon and Apple Tv. Synopsis:An evil presence attaches to a lonely widower who intends to guard it for as long as he can. There is a special Succuba behind the scenes featurette …

Interview: Mike Ferguson (The Last Deal)

“In The Last Deal, Black market marijuana dealer Vince, is living the high life in Los Angeles. Everything changes when new laws pass making cannabis legal recreationally. Vince may be squeezed out of the business with limited dispensary licenses available. He’s desperate to make one final score but ends up …

Keira Knightley Searches for the ‘Boston Strangler’ in Latest Hulu

Keira Knightley stars in the upcoming Hulu Series, The Boston Strangler. The creepy little trailer has Knightley in top form as her character begins to look into the siege that the Boston Strangler had begun. Knightley’s character Loretta McLaughlin was a journalist that put herself in great danger and rose …

‘Cocaine Bear’ Is One Wild and Bloody Trip [Review]

With a name like Cocaine Bear, you probably already know what to expect. And if what you expected was a parody of cartel movies full of blood, guts, and a girl boss bear, then I have great news for you. Elizabeth Banks is back in the director’s chair for a …

Greg Tally is Red in New Horror Film, Craving

Greg Tally is Red in J. Horton’s new horror film, Craving. He teams with a great cast including Felissa Rose (Sleepaway Camp), Al Gomez (Cloak & Dagger), and Holly Rockwell (Everything will be Fine In The End). Greg Tally has played an array of interesting characters lately including Midnight in …

Baby Ruby (2023)

Baby Ruby – Genero: Terror Pais: USA Duración: 89 minutos Director: Bess Wohl Guion: Bess Wohl Reparto: Noémie Merlant, Kit Harington, Meredith Hagner, Reed Birney, Jayne Atkinson, Lauren Beveridge, Amber Janea, Susan Pourfar, Emerald Rose Sullivan, Erin Wilhelmi VALORACION: – RESEÑA: El mundo estrictamente diseñado de una vloguera e influencer …

Italian horror film, IT’S NOT A WOLF arrives on Blu-ray

Italian horror film, IT’S NOT A WOLF from director Nicolò Tagliabue is available now on Blu-ray from VIPCO & Bayview Entertainment. Stars Thomas Francesconi, Susanna Valtucci, and Nikolas Lucchini Synopsis:Glauco is brought home after living in solitary confinement. Along with a young girl from the neighborhood, Laura, she will face …
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